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Dealing with Uncertainty and Ambiguity

Let’s explore how designers can deal with Uncertainty and Ambiguity, while using tools to help them tackle complex problems more effectively.

Design Strategy Project Management Talks & Workshops

Managing by Outcomes and Jobs to be Done

Managing by Outcomes with Jobs to be Done (JTBD) can help facilitate two-way negotiations that allow for team autonomy and ownership.

Design Strategy Talks & Workshops

Strategy, Facilitation and Visual Thinking

In this post, I’ll talk about some of the visual thinking techniques that can be drawn from design thinking, data analytics, system thinking, game storming, and lean start-up.

Design Readings

Watch “Seeing the New Normal: From futures visions to business decisions” with Jutta Johansson & Virpi Vaittinen 

The world is changing rapidly – how to stay ahead in this changing and unstable environment? How do we see the everyday of tomorrow? How do we translate futures visions to business decisions?


Watch “The Human Side of Data” with Giorgia Lupi

Giorgia Lupi introduces her distinctive approach to data visualization by looking at the human side of data and offers a look into the far-reaching applications of her work in data and design.

Design Innovation Readings

Watch David McCandless’ “Information is Beautiful” talk

At CreativeMornings/London, David Mccandless shares the process behind his stunning visualizations and the role journalism has played in pursuit of making sure that Information is beautiful and meaningful […]

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Designing Interactions / Experiences: Information Design & Interpretation

This is the 4th (fourth) lecture of the ‘Designing Interactions & Experiences’ module I’m teaching at Köln International School of Design of the Cologne University of Applied Sciences, which we discuss how to use different data visualization techniques to facilitate decision making […]

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Gary Flake demos Pivot and asks “is it a turning point for web exploration?” talk at TED

Gary Flake demos Pivot, a new way to browse and arrange massive amounts of images and data online. Built on breakthrough Seadragon technology, it enables spectacular zooms in and out of web databases, and the discovery of patterns and links invisible in standard web browsing […]

Design Innovation Software

Watch Aaron Koblin’s “Crowds and Clouds: Data, Sheep, and Collaboration” talk at MIT’s Office of the Arts

Where others see just data points and fodder for bar graphs, Aaron Koblin visualizes dynamic systems where information assumes forms both abstract and familiar. In this talk, Koblin shares recent projects that meld statistical science and art to convey a really big picture, while often inviting the viewer to partake in a more personal experience […]

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Autodesk Augmented Reality technology gets highlighted at Brazilian Globo Network

Eddy Kuo and Brian Pene have produced this Augmented Reality prototype, working for adding 3D computer models to real world scenes at Autodesk’s Customer Briefing Center at One Market in San Francisco. Now, Gonzalo Martinez speaks to Jornal da Globo — the late night news show broadcast by Brazilian Globo Network — about some of the commercial applications of this technology […]