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I’ve been working in the technology industry since 1998. Having a background in Graphic Design, I had the first-row seat to the World Wide Web revolution — that felt more list a “World Wild West”! — like browser wars (Internet Explorer first Netscape) and the first Search Engines (Altavista and Yahoo!).

Back in the day, nobody really thought of the web as a new media, so we all had to learn our way around by translating traditional print media online! Soon we realize that converting a poster on a web page does not make it a website! While some graphic design principles still applied (like readability and legibility), other principles need to be discovered, like Information Architecture, Discoverability, Accessibility, etc.

Back in those days, there weren’t as many resources for one to learn about this new medium, so I had to teach myself techniques to help teams translate briefs into design concepts that made websites engaging but also easy to use. Check some examples below:

Web Design

In this section, you’ll see my Web Design related work, which involved mostly Art Direction, Information Architecture, Branding and Advertising strategies

Mostra Foco Brasil

Information Architecture, Layout and the HTML coding

During the X Shanghai International Film Festival, the Consulate-General of Brazil in Shanghai organized a series of events that, parallel including in an exhibition of film posters produced by 30 Brazilian artists and designers with the theme “Discover Brazilian Cinema“.

Consulate General of Brazil in Shanghai

Information Architecture, Image Editing, and the HTML coding

In 2006 I was commissioned to develop a website for the Consulate-General of Brazil in Shanghai. The project involved devising the Information Architecture, the Layouts, Image Editing, and the HTML coding for the website.


Information Architecture, Image Editing, and Advertising strategies

By 2001, Radix was the biggest search engine on the Brazilian Internet. Radix’s engine was based on robots that automatically index Internet pages, adding 500,000 sites per day to its database.

Adding Basemaps from Consumer Map Services

Paper Prototypes

With this project, AutoCAD Map 3D and AutoCAD Civil 3D software users can access Microsoft Bing data including aerial imagery, road, traffic, and other information within an AutoCAD environment

Centro Cultural Benfica

Design Specification Documents

Centro Cultural Benfica (“Benfica Cultural Center”) is located off the University campus, specifically in the neighborhood of Benfica in the district of Magdalena

Instituto de Arte Contemporânea

Information Architecture and Advertising strategies

My contributions to this project were: Information Architecture, Branding and Advertising strategies for the Instituto de Arte Contemporânea on the Internet; design, HTML coding and maintenance the website of the institute.

MapGuide Selection Enhancements

Conceptual Designs, Usability Testing, Concept Validation

I’ve created Conceptual Design Documents to communicate design goals and interaction flows of the Feature Inspector Functionality in Autodesk MapGuide Selection Enhancements to different stakeholders

Iquine Chemicals and Pigments

Storyboarding, Animation and Flash Development

As Art Diretor of >:icorp interactive media, I developed this flash animation for Iquine Chemicals and Pigments

Pixel 8 Interactive Media

Corporate Identity System

During the time I was creative director for Pixel8, I created the company’s including Logo, Business Cards, Letterhead, Web Ads, plus the Information Architecture and Flash Coding of its Website

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