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Dealing with Uncertainty and Ambiguity

Let’s explore how designers can deal with Uncertainty and Ambiguity, while using tools to help them tackle complex problems more effectively.

Design Strategy Project Management Talks & Workshops

Project Management, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

Learn some Conflict Resolution techniques to channel the energy of conflict into constructive disagreement and open exchange of ideas.

Design Strategy Design Thinking Project Management Talks & Workshops

Strategy and the Art of Creating Choices

In this post, I’ll talk about how designers can step up to the plate and become skilled facilitators that help teams create choices.

Design Innovation Readings

Edward de Bono died on June 9th, 2021

Edward de Bono, the academic and doctor who developed global fame for his thinking methods, died on Wednesday. He was 88. Born in 1933 and educated at St Edward’s College, de Bono graduated as a doctor from the University of Malta before studying physiology and psychology at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar and a Phd […]

Design Innovation

Watch “The Role of Metrics in a UX Strategy” with Bill Albert

Bill Albert explains how critical is the role of metrics to any UX strategy, and how to leverage data to design experiences and drive product innovation.

Innovation Inspiration

Lateral thinking and Innovation

Learning to explore Lateral Thinking is, almost by definition, counterintuitive. Fortunately, de Bono developed some practical techniques for developing this overlooked capability […]

Design Software

Watch “Creating and developing at a distance” with Luciana Terceiro

What are the ways to guarantee the best user experience when you are not meeting in person with other team members? In this talk at IxDA’s Interaction’18, Luciana Terceiro shares her learnings on the problems and solutions on remote collaboration and shows how to keep to an effective, productive and asynchronous way of work […]


Watch “The art of first impressions” with Chip Kidd

Chip Kidd explains the two techniques designers use to communicate instantly and when, why and how they work […]

Design Inspiration Software

Don Norman’s “Emotional Design” Theory

Don Norman explains his Emotional Design Theory about how designers create the perfect products: knowing your emotions […]


Neil Gaiman on Creative Process, Boredom and Changing Directions

The last issue of The Sandman came out a decade ago. A couple of years ago author Neil Gaiman returned to Sandman with a prequel series, called The Sandman: Overture. Gaiman talks about his creative process, collaborating with artists, and how boredom propelled Sandman from horror to other things.