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Edward de Bono died on June 9th, 2021

Edward de Bono, the academic and doctor who developed global fame for his thinking methods, died on Wednesday. He was 88. Born in 1933 and educated at St Edward’s College, de Bono graduated as a doctor from the University of Malta before studying physiology and psychology at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar and a Phd […]

Design Strategy Talks & Workshops

Strategy, Facilitation and Visual Thinking

In this post, I’ll talk about some of the visual thinking techniques that can be drawn from design thinking, data analytics, system thinking, game storming, and lean start-up.

Innovation Inspiration

Lateral thinking and Innovation

Learning to explore Lateral Thinking is, almost by definition, counterintuitive. Fortunately, de Bono developed some practical techniques for developing this overlooked capability […]

Talks & Workshops User Experience

Designing Interactions / Experiences: Six Thinking Hats Workshop

In this presentation, you will learn how to use The Six Thinking Hats framework to help facilitate Feedback / Brainstorming Sessions