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"Radical Change Management" with Marijke Jorritsma 0

Watch “Radical Change Management” with Marijke Jorritsma

For this talk at IxDA’s Interaction ’19, Marijke Jorritsma tells the story about how a team of UX Designers convinced the Europa Clipper mission to adopt design processes into the design and development of spacecraft operations using “radical change management” […]

"Designing for AI" with Emily Sappington 0

Watch “Designing for AI: Creating Minimum Viable Intelligence” talk with Emily Sappington

In this talk at IxDA’s Interaction’19, Emily Sappington shares some best practices from designing for AI in both large and small organizations. No matter the company size, a minimum viable product is important to design and not to be the result of unplanned feature cuts. She talks about what Minimum Viable Intelligence is for an AI product, and how designers can deliver a clear UX when solving problems efficiently […]

"The Ethics of Everyday Things" with Gabriel White 0

Watch “The Ethics of Everyday Things” talk with Gabriel White

In this talk at IxDA’s Interaction’19, Gabriel White argues why he believes that it’s possible to frame design ethics in a way that’s both actionable AND accessible, and that will allow all kinds of designers to bring ethical conversations and judgements into the work of everyday design […]