For Inspiration: “Perfeição”

So, it’s been 25 years without Renato Russo. Most of my Brazilian friends have a love/hate relationship with Legião Urbana. But I guess we would all agree on one thing: some of the sentiments he put down on paper are as relevant today as they were 25 years ago. For example: “Perfeição”

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Watch “How to Break Free of the Feature Factory” with John Cutler

John Cutler looks at 12 Signs You Are Working in a Feature Factory, talks about some hard conversations to be had, and how psychological safety is a prerequisite to escaping the build trap.


Watch “Great User Research (for Non-Researchers)” with Steve Portigal 

In this talk, Steve Portigal explains how to do great research for non-researchers, and tells us how to be more effective in the three main elements of research: planning research, conducting research, and acting on research.

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Watch “The Rise of Experience Design” with Scott Belsky

In his “Rise of Experience Design” talk, Scott Belsky talks about how designers can cope with content velocity, new mediums and artificial intelligence.

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Watch “Designing for Speed” with Mustafa Kurtuldu

In this talk about designing for speed, designer Mustafa Kurtuldu shares research on how to to increase perceived performance, and gives UX examples and technical tricks to improve the speed of your site.

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Listen to “The power of inclusive design” with Benjamin Evans

In this episode of the Design Better Podcast, Benjamin Evans talks about the power of inclusive design to create better experiences.

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Watch “Seeing the Big Picture: The Development of an Experience Scorecard” with Bill Albert

In this webinar, Bill Albert shows how his experience scorecard can be used to answer important questions around usability, emotional experience, design and brand experience.

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Norman Teague on rewriting Design History

In this short film, designer Norman Teague talks about his work, why representation matters, and the need of rewriting design history.

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Watch “Owning Agile” by Jeff Patton

In this talk at Mind the Product 2018, Jeff Patton Jeff Patton deconstructs agile from a product manager’s view, explains how “broken” agile felt to him in the days when he was in a product role and what helped him to fix it, and makes it clear that so far agile is the best thing we’ve got to get work done.

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R.I.P. Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash is officially dead! The date is really emotional to me: in my first job as a web designer, I had to learn flash in a week! Macromedia (which eventually was acquired by Adobe) Flash defined the first decade of my career. Not to be missed, but never forgoten!