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Paula Scher on Design 0

Paula Scher on Design

Paula Scher was the 2013 Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award winner for Communication Design. Hear her speak about her first encounter with graphic design, her inspirations, and the unexpected longevity of her images […]

Internet in Brazil 0

Internet in Brazil: Second most used medium

The internet is the second means of communication used most often by the Brazilians behind TV and the front of radio, according to the first edition of “Brazilian Media Research 2014 – Media Consumption Habits of the Brazilian Population”, according to the results of a survey commissioned by the Secretariat of Social Communication of the Presidency […]

Check 20 apps (paid and free) very popular in Brazil 0

Mobile Devices in Brazil: Most Downloaded iPhone Apps in 2013

Apple announced recently the list of iPhone apps that were most downloaded in the App Store, the online store of the company in 2013. YouTube, Google video platform, ranks first among the most popular free programs in the country. The virtual pet Pou (a kind of contemporary tamagotchi), appear in the first position among the paid apps. Check out the list of most downloaded apps […]

Tulipa Ruiz 0

For Inspiration: “Víbora” by Tulipa Ruiz

One of the biggest upheavals beginning of this semester in Brazil was the launching Tanto Tudo, the second album Tulipa Ruiz, who had previously revealed a few tracks, but hid his greatest gold until the release: “Víbora”. The first chords already reveal what lies ahead on the track is quite different from the light and smiling mood that dominated […]