Hi! My name is Itamar Medeiros. I’m a designer and educator based in Germany

Originally from Brazil, I currently live in Germany, where I work as Lead Product Design Strategist at SAP and promote User Experience Design as visiting lecturer at Köln International School of Design. Working in the Information Technology industry since 1998, I’ve helped truly global companies in several countries (Argentina, Brazil, China, Germany, India, Hong Kong, Mexico, The Netherlands, Poland, United Arab Emirates, United States) create great user experience through advocating Design and Innovation principles. During my 7 years in China, I’ve championed the User Experience Design discipline as User Experience Manager at Autodesk and Local Coordinator of the Interaction Design Association (IxDA) in Shanghai […] Read more »

Corporate Identity

Branding and Corporate Identity is not only a matter of logotypes but the totality of all visuals, language, functionality etc. that customers will perceive as representative for the company or product and is thus subject to targeted development and deployment.
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User Experience Design

As a user experience designer, I’ve created several different kinds of UX deliverables to help communicate design intent, both for Web, Desktop and iOS applications
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Talks & Workshops

I can help your team pickup skills or talk at your event on a range of topics.
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What is Information Design?

Information Design is a field and approach to designing clear, understandable communications by giving care to structure, context, and presentation of data and information, in the effort of making information as effective as possible […] Read more »