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Watch “The Disappearing Computer” with Imran Chaudhri

Imran Chaudhri gives a sneak peek of a breakthrough product and explains how it could change the way we interact with tech and the world around us.

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Watch “The Popularity of Cozy Games” with David Pogue

Correspondent David Pogue explores the increasing popularity of Cozy Games, that fulfils emotional jobs of normalcy, control, and predictability.

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Dealing with Uncertainty and Ambiguity

Let’s explore how designers can deal with Uncertainty and Ambiguity, while using tools to help them tackle complex problems more effectively.

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Watch “The Future of Experience Design” with Brian Solis

Brian Solis explores the need for human-centered experiences and aims to help executives shift mindsets toward the future.

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Watch “Designing with AI” talk with Emily Sappington

In her talk at UX Brighton 2019, Emily Sappington shares tips that help designers know what to expect when people encounter their AI product.

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R.I.P. Internet Explorer

Microsoft will be disabling Internet Explorer. The news inspired jokes, memes and even some fond memories.

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Learn how SAP helped Coldplay’s Eco-Friendly Tour offset Carbon Footprint

This year, Coldplay is uniting with SAP for an eco-friendly carbon-offsetting Music Of The Spheres World Tour

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“Importance of Psychological Safety” on Mobile UX London 2022

Conflict arises in every team, but psychological safety makes it possible to channel that energy into productive interaction. In this talk at Mobile UX London 2022, I shared some tools for building the trust required to create a psychologically safe team climate.

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Strategy, Feedback and Design Reviews

Influencing larger decisions that shape strategy starts with facilitating the smallest decisions, including how to incorporate feedback into designs.

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Listen to Josh Seiden’s “Outcomes Over Outputs” talk

Joshua Seiden recently talked on the Product Experience Podcast, where we find out how to simplify the development process by focusing on getting the outcomes we want.