User Experience

User Experience

As a user experience designer, I’ve created several different kinds of UX deliverables to help communicate design intent, both for Web, Desktop and iOS applications

Project Collaboration and Tracking App

Paper Prototypes and Wireframes

I’ve created Paper Prototypes to communicate design goals and interaction flows of “Project Collaboration & Tracking” App for Autodesk (which was the basis for Communicator for Revit) to different stakeholders

In-App Purchase Concept Design

Conceptual Design Documents

Autodesk In-App Purchase Concept was an exploration on how could we allow customer to easily purchase new tools directly from Autodesk products, reinforcing Autodesk branding and leveraging on our customers’ trust, creating its own tool ecosystem

Workflow for AutoCAD Map3D

Design Specification Documents

GIS Analysts are constantly running the same kinds of analysis over different sets of data, which means that are making very repetitive sequences of operations in which they just slight change the input of these operations. They wish there was a way to automate these analysis by such prompting different sets of inputs.

Adding Basemaps from Consumer Map Services

Paper Prototypes

With this project, AutoCAD Map 3D and AutoCAD Civil 3D software users can access Microsoft Bing data including aerial imagery, road, traffic, and other information within an AutoCAD environment

New UI Framework for Roamworks

Branding, Information Architecture and Interaction Design

I’ve created Design Specification Documents to help communicate design intent and detailed interaction patterns and UI controls of the New UI Framework for Roamworks to different purposes.

UI Audits

Branding, Information Architecture and Heuristic Evaluations

I have conducted several UI Audits to get a critical baseline of products and look for opportunities to improve overall design quality, customer usability and satisfaction that will lead to more product sales.

Use Case Documents

Consolidating user research, visualizing the impact of implementation

I’ve written Use Case Documents to help communicating workflows without being distracted by discussions about look-and-feel.