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Watch “The Popularity of Cozy Games” with David Pogue

Correspondent David Pogue explores the increasing popularity of Cozy Games, that fulfils emotional jobs of normalcy, control, and predictability.

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Watch “3 Game Theory Tactics, Explained” from Big Think

Game Theory helps you identify the optimal strategy for achieving your goals, minimize losses, and make informed choices that lead to better outcomes.

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Watch “The Future of Experience Design” with Brian Solis

Brian Solis explores the need for human-centered experiences and aims to help executives shift mindsets toward the future.

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Watch “Inclusive Design” by the Design Council

Design Council explains what inclusive design means, and how it benefits the businesses that use it.

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Watch “Designing with AI” talk with Emily Sappington

In her talk at UX Brighton 2019, Emily Sappington shares tips that help designers know what to expect when people encounter their AI product.

Consumer Behavior Trend Watching

Living in Germany: best nation brand of 2021

Germany is the world’s top ‘nation brand’, finds the 2021 Anholt Ipsos Nation Brands Index. It ranks 60 economies by their brand appeal.

Design Innovation Readings

What the creative collaboration on the music of Cowboy Bebop can teach us about Agile Practices

In this post I talk about what the collaboration between the producers of Cowboy Bebop and Japanese composer Yoko Kanno for creating the music of show can teach us about Agile Practices.


Watch “Great User Research (for Non-Researchers)” with Steve Portigal 

In this talk, Steve Portigal explains how to do great research for non-researchers, and tells us how to be more effective in the three main elements of research: planning research, conducting research, and acting on research.

Design Strategy Project Management Talks & Workshops

The Skills of a Strategist

If designers want to influence and translate strategy in ways that drive their user experience vision forward, they must become both business-savvy analysts and synthesizers. What are the skills of a strategist designers need to become both business-savvy analysts and synthesisers?

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Listen to “The power of inclusive design” with Benjamin Evans

In this episode of the Design Better Podcast, Benjamin Evans talks about the power of inclusive design to create better experiences.