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Watch Seth Godin’s “This is broken” talk at TED

Why are so many things broken? In a hilarious talk from the 2006 Gel conference, Seth Godin gives a tour of things poorly designed, the 7 reasons why they are that way, and how to fix them […]

Design Innovation

Watch Luke Wroblewski’s “Infinite Inputs” talk

Today, the kinds of input our computing devices support keeps growing: touch, voice, device motion, and much more. Each additional input type offers new possibilities for interaction that requires our interface designs to adapt. When will this deluge of new input types end so don’t have to keep re-designing our software? Luke Wroblewski’s — speaking at dConstruct 2013: — claims it won’t. Not until everything is input […]

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Watch Christina Wodtke’s “The Executioner’s Tale” talk at Interaction’14 | IxDA conference

Ideas are cheap. Execution is everything […]

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Gary Flake demos Pivot and asks “is it a turning point for web exploration?” talk at TED

Gary Flake demos Pivot, a new way to browse and arrange massive amounts of images and data online. Built on breakthrough Seadragon technology, it enables spectacular zooms in and out of web databases, and the discovery of patterns and links invisible in standard web browsing […]

China Economics Trend Watching

Intellectual Property: China accounts for 85% of fake goods seized in EU

Just a couple days after Chinese Ministry of Commerce declared that China’s piracy problem is not “extremely serious”, the European Commission reported that European customs intercepted one billion euros worth of counterfeit goods last year, with 85 percent of the fakes originating from China […]

Consumer Behavior Economics Trend Watching

Consumer Behavior in Brazil: tourism spending in France surged in 2010

Brazilians’ spending in France surged last year and in the first quarter of 2011 but the Russians remain the second biggest tourist spenders after the Chinese, according to a study published on recently […]

China Economics Trend Watching

Education in China: Shanghai teenagers are world’s smartest?

Chinese parents and education experts have shrugged off a report from an international organization saying Shanghai students the best education in the world […]

China Trend Watching

Living in China: Report Shows Severity of Pollution

China’s government unveiled its most detailed survey ever of the pollution plaguing the country, revealing that water pollution in 2007 was more than twice as severe as official figures that had long omitted agricultural waste […]

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Design in China: A “Chinese iPad” arrived before Apple’s iPad?

While Apple iPad tablet has just been unveiled in the U.S., a product of similar appearance strangely there for six months now on the Chinese market.The resemblance has prompted local websites, including, technology blog dedicated to Chinese copies, with irony on the turn made by domestic manufacturers now able to clone a product before it has been revealed.Its manufacturer is surprised: “Why Apple did the same thing as us?” […]

China Design

[EVENT] IxDA Shanghai presents “Selling UX in Organizations” with Daniel Szuc: DECEMBER 11th, 2009, 6:30PM

At some point in your career, you’ll be called upon to sell UX to someone in your organization. You’ve probably already done it. Perhaps you’ll need to justify what you do in an organization or industry that’s just beginning to adopt UX methods or sell UX to secure your position within an organization or get future projects. So, what do you need to know to help you sell UX? What challenges might you face?