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Watch “What happened to ‘simple’ design?” with David Pogue

Products have become overly complicated with an abundance of features, causing frustration among customers. Correspondent David Pogue delves into how simplicity in technology can simplify our complex lives.

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Watch “Mind the gap: User Centered Design in Large Organizations” with Luke Wroblewski

Learn to deliver user-centered online experiences by aligning business goals with user needs.

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Rethinking Innovation for Product Designers with “Jobs to Be Done”

I interviewed Jim Kalbach during SAP’s UX Immersive Week. We discussed how to approach bottom-up innovation – and how AI can support with Jobs to be Done (JTBD).

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Building Trustworthy Experiences: A Primer of AI Principles for Design and Strategy

Let’s look at how trust is built in AI-powered products. We’ll discuss the different phases of the user’s journey, suggesting ways to design trustworthy AI experiences.

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Watch “The Disappearing Computer” with Imran Chaudhri

Imran Chaudhri gives a sneak peek of a breakthrough product and explains how it could change the way we interact with tech and the world around us.

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Watch “The Future of Experience Design” with Brian Solis

Brian Solis explores the need for human-centered experiences and aims to help executives shift mindsets toward the future.

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Learn how SAP helped Coldplay’s Eco-Friendly Tour offset Carbon Footprint

This year, Coldplay is uniting with SAP for an eco-friendly carbon-offsetting Music Of The Spheres World Tour

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“Importance of Psychological Safety” on Mobile UX London 2022

Conflict arises in every team, but psychological safety makes it possible to channel that energy into productive interaction. In this talk at Mobile UX London 2022, I shared some tools for building the trust required to create a psychologically safe team climate.

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The Skills of a Strategist

If designers want to influence and translate strategy in ways that drive their user experience vision forward, they must become both business-savvy analysts and synthesizers. What are the skills of a strategist designers need to become both business-savvy analysts and synthesisers?

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Watch “Owning Agile” by Jeff Patton

In this talk at Mind the Product 2018, Jeff Patton Jeff Patton deconstructs agile from a product manager’s view, explains how “broken” agile felt to him in the days when he was in a product role and what helped him to fix it, and makes it clear that so far agile is the best thing we’ve got to get work done.