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Listen to “The Future World of Work” chat with Jason Averbook

Listen Jason Averbrook — CEO of Leapgen — talk about what the “The Future of Work” truly will look like, needs to look like and what the implications are for HR, organisations and individuals.

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Learn how SAP helped Coldplay’s Eco-Friendly Tour offset Carbon Footprint

This year, Coldplay is uniting with SAP for an eco-friendly carbon-offsetting Music Of The Spheres World Tour

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Becoming a Design Strategist

Let’s raise awareness about how unprepared designers are to understand and influence strategy, advocate for a new role called Design Strategist, and propose a minimum set of skills required for becoming a Design Strategist.

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SAP Again Tops BrandZ Most Valuable German Brand

SAP tops the BrandZ German brand value ranking for the second year in a row and is now Europe’s most powerful brand for the first time too

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SAP deeps its feet on Digital Ink, Pen and Touch Technology with SAP Inscribe

By combining the natural, freestyle experience of pen and paper with the power of system intelligence, SAP Inscribe allows you to explore your data by writing, scribbling, or drawing commands. You can drill down and refine step-by-step to identify root causes, business challenges and opportunities.


SAP Enters List of “World’s Best Workplaces”

SAP qualified as a result of its success in appearing in “Best Workplaces” lists in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Greater China, India, Ireland, Peru, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, and the United States […]

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Watch Greg Petroff’s “Superpowers for the Industrial Worker” talk at SAP Design Talks

Greg Petroff addressed an audience of some 700 SAP employees not only about designing for lots of dirt, grease, water, heat, and cold, but also how GE uses design methods and technology to gain empathy for industrial workers […]