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Watch “The Future of Work and AI” on ByDesign TV

Learn how SAP uses Machine Learning to help individuals find and pursue internal opportunities that match their interests and values while meeting the company’s needs.

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The Coolest Software Company You Have Never Heard Of

Nearly seven years ago, I leaped and joined SAP. But — as this funny video suggests — you’ve probably never heard of it!

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Economy in Germany: Shortage of Skilled Workers Reaches an All-Time High

According to a new survey by the Ifo Institute, based in Munich, a record 49,7 percent of companies are currently short of workers.

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Study: 68 percent of IT projects fail, user centered methodologies to save the day

According to new research, success in 68% of technology projects is “improbable.” Poor requirements analysis causes many of these failures, meaning projects are doomed right from the start […]

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Finance industry employees in China top salary rankings

Employees in the financial sector earned much more than workers in other industries last year thanks to the lucrative financial market, an annual salary report has revealed. The report, released by leading human-resources service provider in Shanghai, was based on a survey of more than 1,000 companies across all sectors throughout the country last year. It found workers in the financial industry were paid an average salary of 4,987 yuan (US$694) per month. The figure is about 40 percent higher than the national average […]

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Shanghai IT income set to beat US$128billion

Revenue of Shanghai’s information technology industry is set to double last year’s figure to surpass 1 trillion yuan (US$128 billion) in 2010 when the World Expo is held here. The city will invest heavily in several IT projects for the expo, such as a citywide wireless broadband network, a digital transport management network, electronic payment and social security systems, paper-less customs application system and mobile TV, according to Shanghai Municipal Informatization Commission […]

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Information Technology Salaries in the Rise in Shanghai

People working in the information technology industry earned more than employees in all other industries on average last year, according to the Shanghai Statistics Bureau. The wage gap between different sectors widened last year. The average wage in the IT sector was 3.55 times of the average salary for those in the service sector, the lowest paid group of workers, while in 2000, the average wage in the highest sector was 3.24 times that of the lowest […]

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Internet in China: Online Gaming & “Gold Farming”

More that 20 million Chinese play online games, and the e-commerce revenue have grown 50% in relation to last year’s numbers.