Information Technology Trend Watching

Watch “The Transistor”: a 1953 documentary

This documentary captures a moment in time before the transistor became ubiquitous that was about to bring tremendous change to everyone’s daily lives.

Consumer Behavior Economics Trend Watching

Education in Brazil: Distance learning grows 474% in a decade

The number of entrants in higher undergraduate courses through distance education (EaD) increased by 474% compared to 23.4% decrease in face-to-face courses.

Economics Trend Watching

Economy in Germany: Shortage of Skilled Workers Reaches an All-Time High

According to a new survey by the Ifo Institute, based in Munich, a record 49,7 percent of companies are currently short of workers.

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R.I.P. Internet Explorer

Microsoft will be disabling Internet Explorer. The news inspired jokes, memes and even some fond memories.

Information Technology Trend Watching

Learn how SAP helped Coldplay’s Eco-Friendly Tour offset Carbon Footprint

This year, Coldplay is uniting with SAP for an eco-friendly carbon-offsetting Music Of The Spheres World Tour

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Watch “Owning Agile” by Jeff Patton

In this talk at Mind the Product 2018, Jeff Patton Jeff Patton deconstructs agile from a product manager’s view, explains how “broken” agile felt to him in the days when he was in a product role and what helped him to fix it, and makes it clear that so far agile is the best thing we’ve got to get work done.


Watch Kim Goodwin’s “Bring Back Human-Centered”

In this keynote at IxDA’s ILA 2018, Kim Goodwin talks about how designers can keep human-centered values at the center of our practice […]

Design Inspiration

Watch “The Oppenheimer Moment” with Alan Cooper

In this provocative talk at IxDA’s Interaction ’18, Alan Cooper addresses the challenge that technology products should not be evil

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Watch “Living in Information” with Jorge Arango

As our societies move critical functions online and people spend more time “living in information”, interaction designers need to create information environments that stand the test of time […]


SAP Enters List of “World’s Best Workplaces”

SAP qualified as a result of its success in appearing in “Best Workplaces” lists in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Greater China, India, Ireland, Peru, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, and the United States […]