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Crafting Customer-Centric Roadmaps: A Jobs-to-be-Done Approach to Roadmap Planning and Better Backlog Grooming

Learn how using JTBD injects user-centricity into every roadmap planning and backlog grooming activity, allowing you to prioritize effectively and craft impactful product experiences.

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Watch Jeff Patton’s “Output versus Outcome and Impact” talk

In this short video, Jeff Patton talks about the challenges of moving from Output to Outcome in Product Thinking, and how we should measure good outcome!

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Strategy and Prioritisation

This post will discuss how prioritization can facilitate good decisions by helping us focus on what is essential, steering us closer to our vision and goals.

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Watch “Owning Agile” by Jeff Patton

In this talk at Mind the Product 2018, Jeff Patton Jeff Patton deconstructs agile from a product manager’s view, explains how “broken” agile felt to him in the days when he was in a product role and what helped him to fix it, and makes it clear that so far agile is the best thing we’ve got to get work done.