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The Need for Quantifying and Qualifying Strategy

In this post, I talk about the need of quantifying and qualifying strategy while making a case for a set of tools that helps teams find objective ways to value design solutions to justify the product experience investments in that bring us ever closer to our vision and goals.

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Watch “Seeing the Big Picture: The Development of an Experience Scorecard” with Bill Albert

In this webinar, Bill Albert shows how his experience scorecard can be used to answer important questions around usability, emotional experience, design and brand experience.

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R.I.P. Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash is officially dead! The date is really emotional to me: in my first job as a web designer, I had to learn flash in a week! Macromedia (which eventually was acquired by Adobe) Flash defined the first decade of my career. Not to be missed, but never forgoten!


Watch “The UX of Fortnite” talk with Celia Hodent

In this talk IxDA’s Interaction’19 Celia Hodent covers the UX framework that was used during the development of Fortnite, consisting of breaking down game UX in two main pillars: usability and “engage-ability”.

Design Inspiration

Watch “The Oppenheimer Moment” with Alan Cooper

In this provocative talk at IxDA’s Interaction ’18, Alan Cooper addresses the challenge that technology products should not be evil

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Watch “Look, Listen, and Maybe Speak” at UX Poland

In this talk we will see examples of how empathy and awareness about cultural differences can help us communicate better at work and with friends and family.

Design Inspiration Readings

Watch Design Council’s “What is UX Design?”

In this video, Steve ‘Buzz’ Pearce, Design Director at Skype, and Mat Hunter, Chief Design Officer at the Design Council, talk about what ‘UX design’ means, finding the ‘soul’ of a digital product and how we’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible […]

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Watch Jared Spool’s “Using the Kano Model to Build Delightful UX” talk

In this talk, Jared covers how to prune features to avoid experience rot, use pleasure, flow, and meaning to create delightful UX, and help
Innovate with baby steps to the aspirational experience[…]

Design Innovation Readings

Watch Jim Kalbach’s “Designing for Adoption” talk

The ultimate goal of innovation is user adoption: we want people to actually use the things we create in a way that impacts their lives. But building the better mouse trap guarantees nothing. In fact, history shows it’s not the whiz-bang of technology but rather human factors that matter in the end. In this talk, Jim will look at some specific design-related considerations in successful innovation […]

Design Readings

Watch Santiago Bustelo’s “On Earning Respect And Doing What We Love” talk at Interaction’14 | IxDA Conference

How can we designers get the professional respect we want? This talk explores several topics and models that can help not only you, but the design community as well, along the way. On earning respect and doing what we love – Interaction South America 2013 from Santiago Bustelo Santiago Bustelo had his first contact with […]