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Digital Culture in China: INTERACTION DESIGN

Lynnette Chan and I recently gave a talk on the topic of “Digital Culture in China” for the Digital Culture Working Group Session during the last Cumulus conference organised by Tongji University in Shanghai […]

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Design in China: animation gaining “real” art status

Animated films, television cartoons and graphic novels have come a long way to being accepted as art forms in China […]

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Design in China: Shanghai Gets ‘Design City’ Title

Shanghai was awarded the title of “design city” by UNESCO, and city officials said the award will help the city develop an innovation industry encompassing technology research, architecture design, culture and fashion […]

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Design in China: A “Chinese iPad” arrived before Apple’s iPad?

While Apple iPad tablet has just been unveiled in the U.S., a product of similar appearance strangely there for six months now on the Chinese market.The resemblance has prompted local websites, including, technology blog dedicated to Chinese copies, with irony on the turn made by domestic manufacturers now able to clone a product before it has been revealed.Its manufacturer is surprised: “Why Apple did the same thing as us?” […]

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Design in China: “Chinese Graphic Design in the 20th Century” exhibition at China Central Academy of Fine Arts

Chinese Graphic Design in the 20th Century showcases design objects such as Chinese posters, magazines and newspapers from the 20th century, and other graphic design-related objects, individual profiles and relevant documents […]

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Design in China: Red Dot Exhibition Inspires International Audience

Red Dot presented the worldwide best design achievements in an exclusive exhibition at one of the currently most dynamic business locations from 24 October to 1 November 2009 […]

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Design in China: differences between Western and Chinese Consumers

Tom Doctoroff, North Asia Director of JWT Advertising, shares some interesting angles on Chinese consuming patterns: The Chinese consumer is becoming increasingly modern and internationalized. However, while “egos” and ambitions are huge, the “new generation” is not becoming “individualistic” in the Western sense — i.e., the peoples never define themselves independent of society. The middle class, those who can afford non-essential items, is torn between two impulses. The first is projection of status which leads to a desire to be noticed (in public contexts), aggressive self-expression and experimentation with new modes of style and design. The second, in vivid contrast to the projection, is protection, a fear of sticking out too obviously or challenging existing hierarchies and social restrictions. The Chinese saying — “the leading goose gets shot down” — is as true today as it was yesterday […]

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Design in China: First Post-Production Training Center in China Equipped with Autodesk Solutions

The Animation Public Technical Service Platform of Shanghai (APTSP) has created China’s first post-production training center, to grow high-end animation and post-production public services, train local talent and showcase innovative technology. APTSP offers complete, data-centric workflows that include Autodesk Flame and Autodesk Inferno visual effects systems, Autodesk Smoke editorial finishing system, and Autodesk Lustre digital color-grading system […]

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Design in China: Shortage of creative talent in Shanghai

Shanghai has a shortage of creative design talent, experts said at a forum at the China International Industry Fair recently. Chen Tianzhong, president of Wiselogic Investment Group, said in seven industries in Shanghai, including construction, advertising, light industry and multimedia, are eager to find more design personnel […]

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Design in China: first Chinese digital publishing base opened in Shanghai

China’s first national digital publishing base opened in the Shanghai’s Zhangjiang High-Tech Park recently. Since Zhangjiang has already attracted many digital and information technology companies, it was the ideal base to help foster development of the new industry in China, according to Jiao Yang, director of the Shanghai Press and Publication Bureau…