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Intellectual Property: China surpasses U.S, Japan to Become Top Patent Filer

China has surpassed the United States and Japan to become the world’s top patent filer this year […]

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Intellectual Property: China accounts for 85% of fake goods seized in EU

Just a couple days after Chinese Ministry of Commerce declared that China’s piracy problem is not “extremely serious”, the European Commission reported that European customs intercepted one billion euros worth of counterfeit goods last year, with 85 percent of the fakes originating from China […]

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Intellectual Property: China says piracy problem not “extremely serious”

China said recently its crackdown on pirated goods has made great strides, a claim borne out by government statistics but not necessarily by a trip to one of Beijing’s many shops where pirated software, movies and clothes are readily available […]

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Intellectual Property: China piracy cost U.S. firms $48 billion in 2009

Chinese piracy and counterfeiting of U.S. software and a wide range of other intellectual property cost American businesses an estimated $48 billion in 2009, the U.S. International Trade Commission said in a report released recently […]

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Education in China: Students buy patents to qualify for residency in Shanghai

Shanghai has tightened scrutiny of patent applications after non-resident students were found to have bought patents to qualify for permanent city residence […]

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Design in China: A “Chinese iPad” arrived before Apple’s iPad?

While Apple iPad tablet has just been unveiled in the U.S., a product of similar appearance strangely there for six months now on the Chinese market.The resemblance has prompted local websites, including, technology blog dedicated to Chinese copies, with irony on the turn made by domestic manufacturers now able to clone a product before it has been revealed.Its manufacturer is surprised: “Why Apple did the same thing as us?” […]

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Intellectual Property: IPR threatens China’s new energy sector

Stimulated by governments’ supporting policies, a large number of Chinese firms have turned to new energy and related industries. Over 10 large scale new energy bases have been established. However, experts say that China’s emerging new energy sector may face a lack of core technology crisis […]

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Internet in China: Timeline of the Pre-Installed Internet Filter required for All New Computers

China announced recently it would have all new computers in China pre-installed with a filter software, in a bid to “protect minors” from “unhealthy information” from the Internet. All computers produced or sold in China after July 1 would be installed with such software, said the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MITT). Check a round up of news about the Green Dam internet filter (and how conflicting the information is, depending if the source is Chinese or from abroad):

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Information Technology in China: software industry maintained rapid growth in 2008

In spite of the impact of the international financial crisis, China’s software industry has maintained a growth rate of over 20 percent since the second half of 2008, making it one of the fastest growing industries […]

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Intellectual Property: China formulating first middle and long-term plan for patent agency industry

The Chinese State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) released China’s first Plan for the Development of Patent Agency Industry (2009-2015) in Beijing recently. The plan proposed further improving the patent agency industry legal system and establishing a management system which would combine administrative supervision and self-regulation in the industry over the next seven years […]