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Living in Germany: Elections & Voting

This is a consequential election not just because Germany will pick their new chancellor, but lot of really hot topics like Climate Change, putting speed limits on the autobahns, tax on wealth have all bubbled up to political mainstream


Steven Pinker on Measuring Human Happiness

Debbie Millman talks to experimental psychologist and author Steven Pinker about measuring human happiness […]

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Listen to Michael Watkins’ “Picking the Right Transition Strategy” Interview

In this talk, Michael D. Watkins takes a closer look at the fundamental principles of leadership transitions and the organizational and personal challenges executives face in applying them […]

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Watch Avi Itzkovitch’s “Designing with Sensors: Creating Adaptive Experiences” talk at Interaction’14 | IxDA Conference

Watch Avi Itzkovitch to discover core concepts for utilizing smart device technologies and sensor data in order to understand context, and add “Adaptive Thinking” to the UX professional’s toolset when designing experiences. In his presentation, Avi demonstrates the importance of understanding context when designing adaptive experiences, gives ideas on how to design adaptive systems and most important, inspires designers to think how smart device technology and context aware applications can enhance the user experience with adaptivity […]

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Watch Giles Colborne’s “The Lost Art Of Efficiency in Interaction Design” talk at Interaction’14 | IxDA conference

Why was it worth one company spending $350,000 to shave a second off an interaction? Should you do the same?

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Listen to Andrew Hinton’s “The World Is The Screen: Elements of Information Environments” talk at IA summit 2013

This talk suggests that we not start from the perspective of the device, the content or the software; rather we should start with understanding how people perceive their whole environment […]

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Listen to Bjarke Ingels’ “An Architect For A Moment Or An Era?” interview for NPR

In a business that’s often poorly paid and anonymous, 39-year-old Bjarke Ingels has become something rare, especially at his age: a “starchitect” in demand. Now, the Danish architect, who has museums, apartment buildings and parks around the world, is taking his talents to New York City […]

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Information Technology in Brazil: Startup joins group run by the UN and Bill Clinton

The startup PagPop –creator of a system that allows Hairdressers, hot dog vendors and other small entrepreneurs to receive payments by credit card on smartphones — has joined the Business Call to Action, a group of companies that develop business models focused on solving Millennium goals […]

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Watch Josh Seiden’s “A Designers Introduction to Lean Startup” talk at Interaction’13 | IxDA Conference

In this talk, Josh Seiden introduce you to the key ideas of Lean Startup, talk about the amazing opportunities for designers this movement presents, and share case studies of how he and his partners have used the techniques of Lean Startup as the foundation of their design studio […]

Consumer Behavior Trend Watching

Consumer Behavior in Brazil: Crisis boosts advancement of aviation

Brazil is experiencing one of its best moments in the aviation industry, and today the country with the second largest fleet of jets, behind only the United States and the third most produced aircraft of this type. Ahead of Embraer (a Brazilian local manufacturer), are only the American Cessna and Canadian Bombardier. The good performance is due in large part to the international crisis started in 2008, which created a favorable environment for the purchase of these aircraft in other countries, and the growth of emerging […]