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Strategy and Stakeholder Management

In order to influence the decisions that drive design forward, Strategy and Stakeholder Management become inseparable. In this article, I will talk about the importance of understanding and identifying Cultural, Social, Political dynamics of working with teams and stakeholders, master collaboration, and have a good grasp of what it takes to become a Trusted Advisor.

Design Readings

Listen to “The power of inclusive design” with Benjamin Evans

In this episode of the Design Better Podcast, Benjamin Evans talks about the power of inclusive design to create better experiences.

Design Inspiration Readings

Norman Teague on rewriting Design History

In this short film, designer Norman Teague talks about his work, why representation matters, and the need of rewriting design history.

Consumer Behavior Trend Watching

Living in Germany: 10 myths about culture 

Culture is one of the driving engines for German soft power. The federal and state governments invest more than 10 billion euros annually in cultural endeavors like youth theaters, music schools, chamber orchestras, renovations of historical buildings or museum expansions. That adds up to 123 euros per citizen – the cost of a mid-sized Ikea bookshelf […]

Information Design Talks & Workshops User Experience

Watch “Look, Listen, and Maybe Speak” at UX Poland

In this talk we will see examples of how empathy and awareness about cultural differences can help us communicate better at work and with friends and family.