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Mobile Market in Brazil: subscribers reach 245.2 million mobile phones

The number of active lines in mobile telephony in Brazil reached nearly 245.2 million, according to the Brazilian National Telecommunications Agency Anatel announced recently. The absolute number of new qualifications 2.9 million is the largest recorded in the month of January in the last 13 years and represents an increase of 1.22% compared to December 2011 […]

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Information Technology in Brazil: Microsoft signs agreement to help Brazilian companies

The Brazilian Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation and Microsoft announced recently had reached an agreement to create business accelerators focused on technology in Brazil. The announcement was made during the inauguration of the technology center of the U.S. company in the country […]

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Intellectual Property: China surpasses U.S, Japan to Become Top Patent Filer

China has surpassed the United States and Japan to become the world’s top patent filer this year […]

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Information Technology in Brazil: government to stimulate the production of games

The games industry in Brazil is in the crosshairs of the Brazilian government, according to Brazilian Minister of Science and Technology, Aloizio Mercadante […]

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Internet in China: Comparing internet activities of Chinese and Americans

The Business Insider recently published a bar graph comparing the internet activities of United States of users with those of Chinese users. While some activities, like pursuing an online education or watching online video (one in the same, really), were statistically similar between the two counties, other activities were far more common in one country than the other, revealing some fundamental differences in Chinese and American tendencies […]

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Watch Clay Shirky’s “How social media can make history” talk at TED

While news from Iran streams to the world, Clay Shirky shows social media help citizens in repressive regimes to report on real news, bypassing censors (however briefly). The end of top-down control of news is changing the nature of politics […]

Information Technology Innovation

Clay Shirky’s “Institutions versus collaboration” talk at TED

In this prescient 2005 talk, Clay Shirky shows how closed groups and companies will give way to looser networks where small contributors have big roles and fluid cooperation replaces rigid planning […]


Living in China: Beijing, Shanghai increase salaries

Despite the severest economic crisis in decades, Beijing and Shanghai continued to significantly increase workers’ salaries last year, according to official statistics. In Beijing, workers earned on an average 44,715 yuan ($6,570) last year, 4,848 yuan more, or a 12 percent increase, than in 2007, according to the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Statistics. In Shanghai, the average monthly salary last year was 3,292 yuan, a 400-yuan, or 13.8-percent, jump from 2007, according to the Shanghai Municipal Statistics Bureau announcement […]


Robert Fabricant’s “Behavior is our Medium” keynote at IxDA | Interaction ‘09 Conference

Robert Fabricant talks about Interaction Design as a practice beyond just computing technology. He gives examples of Interaction Design as far back as ancient history, all the way to a humanitarian project underway today. He shows that Interaction Design’s primary medium is behavior, extending far past the high technology world into the realm of human behavior and relationships […]

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Autodesk Announces New Infrastructure Modeling Software for Utilities, Telecommunications and Governments

Autodesk announced new Infrastructure Modeling software products, which help users in utilities, telecommunications organizations and government agencies improve the design and management of their infrastructure. Autodesk’s portfolio of products — including AutoCAD Map 3D 2010, AutoCAD Raster Design 2010, Autodesk MapGuide Enterprise 2010, and Autodesk Topobase 2010 — provides users with an intelligent and comprehensive […]