Watch “Architectures of Trust” with Adeola Enigbokan

Adeola Enigbokan discusses Architectures of Trust to helps us understand how trust can be established, and what happens when it cannot and trust breaks down

Design Software

Watch Greg Petroff’s “Superpowers for the Industrial Worker” talk at SAP Design Talks

Greg Petroff addressed an audience of some 700 SAP employees not only about designing for lots of dirt, grease, water, heat, and cold, but also how GE uses design methods and technology to gain empathy for industrial workers […]

Economics Information Technology Trend Watching

Internet in Brazil: IDB report warns about digital divide

Infrastructure problems and lack of familiarity of the users make Brazil a country that goes ‘two-speed’ internet, according to data presented recently by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) […]

Economics Trend Watching

Infrastructure in Brazil: falling 20 positions in logistics ranking

Brazil fell twenty positions in the world ranking logistics of the World Bank (Bird), which measures the efficiency of transport systems in 160 countries. Brazil occupied the 65th place in the ranking. This is the worst placement since the ranking was released in 2007.

Consumer Behavior Information Technology Trend Watching

Internet in Brazil: In 38% of homes at least 1 person accesses the web on mobile phones

In more than a third of all households in Brazil (38.1%), at least one person accesses the internet via cell phone, says survey released recently by the Institute of Applied Economic Research (IPEA). The study also shows that 40.8% of households have internet access and that 68% of users claim to use the service daily.

Design Readings

Watch Andrew Blum’s “What is the Internet, really?” talk at TED

When a squirrel chewed through a cable and knocked him offline, journalist Andrew Blum started wondering what the Internet was really made of. So he set out to go see it — the underwater cables, secret switches and other physical bits that make up the net […]

China Consumer Behavior Economics Trend Watching

China, Socialism & Consumer Behavior: private aviation market in boom

China’s private aviation market is on the verge of experiencing a sonic boom. Since 2008, the number of jets registered on the mainland has tripled to 137, and experts expect that digit to soar past 1,000 by the end of the decade […]

China Economics Trend Watching

Living in China: Cost of living hurts Shanghai’s ranking

Soaring living costs and high housing prices are negatively affecting how Shanghai residents feel about their quality of life, according to a nationwide economic survey released recently […]

China Consumer Behavior Economics Trend Watching

China, Socialism & Consumer Behavior: Richer, but not happier

Studies are backing up some of the suspicions I (and many other people who live here): Rising incomes in China are failing to bring greater happiness to broad swathes of the population. Rising prices and growing income inequality appear to be undermining any expected gains, and may be sowing the seeds of social unrest [..]

Design Economics Innovation Trend Watching

Watch Eduardo Paes’ “The 4 commandments of cities” talk at TED

Eduardo Paes is the mayor of Rio de Janeiro, a sprawling, complicated, beautiful city of 6.5 million. He shares four big ideas about leading Rio — and all cities — into the future, including bold (and do-able) infrastructure upgrades and how to make a city “smarter.” […]