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Watch “Designing with AI” talk with Emily Sappington

In her talk at UX Brighton 2019, Emily Sappington shares tips that help designers know what to expect when people encounter their AI product.

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Watch Dr. Genevieve Bell’s “Rage Against the Machine?” Keynote at IxDA | Interaction ’12 Conference

Dr. Genevieve Bell is an Australian-born anthropologist and researcher. As director of User Interaction and Experience in Intel Labs, Dr. Bell leads a research team of social scientists, interaction designers, human factors engineers and computer scientists. This team shapes and helps create new Intel technologies and products that are increasingly designed around people’s needs and desires […]

China Economics Trend Watching

Intellectual Property: China surpasses U.S, Japan to Become Top Patent Filer

China has surpassed the United States and Japan to become the world’s top patent filer this year […]


Watch George Whitesides’ “Toward a science of simplicity” talk at TED

Simplicity: We know it when we see it — but what is it, exactly? In this funny, philosophical talk, George Whitesides chisels out an answer. Someday Harvard chemistry professor George Whitesides will take the time to look back on the 950 scientific articles he’s coauthored, the dozen companies he’s co-founded or the 50-plus patents on […]

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Education in China: Students buy patents to qualify for residency in Shanghai

Shanghai has tightened scrutiny of patent applications after non-resident students were found to have bought patents to qualify for permanent city residence […]

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Watch Jay Walker’s “library of human imagination” talk at TED

Jay Walker, curator of the Library of Human Imagination, conducts a surprising show-and-tell session highlighting a few of the intriguing artifacts that backdropped the 2008 TED stage […]

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Blaise Aguera y Arcas demos augmented-reality maps at TED

In a demo that drew gasps at TED2010, Blaise Aguera y Arcas demos new augmented-reality mapping technology from Microsoft […]

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Intellectual Property: IPR threatens China’s new energy sector

Stimulated by governments’ supporting policies, a large number of Chinese firms have turned to new energy and related industries. Over 10 large scale new energy bases have been established. However, experts say that China’s emerging new energy sector may face a lack of core technology crisis […]

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Watch Ted Selker’s “Context Aware Computing” Seminar on People, Computers, and Design at Stanford University

Humans work to understand and react to each others intentions. The context aware computing group at the MIT Media lab has demonstrated that across most aspects of our life, computers can do this too. The groups demonstrations range from car to office kitchen to and even bed. The goal is to show that human intentions can be recognized considered and responded to appropriately by computer systems. This talk demonstrates that Artificial intelligence can competently Improve human-computer interaction with systems and even each other in a myriad of natural scenarios […]


Intellectual Property: China’s supreme court publishes IP rights protection guidelines

China’s Supreme People’s Court has urged lower courts to deprive intellectual property rights (IPR) violators of their ability to continue infringements. In its new guidelines published recently on the implementation of China’s strategy for IPR protection, the court urges protection of the legal rights of victims […]