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Watch “The Disappearing Computer” with Imran Chaudhri

Imran Chaudhri gives a sneak peek of a breakthrough product and explains how it could change the way we interact with tech and the world around us.

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Watch David Merrill’s “Natural Interactions with Digital Content” Seminar on People, Computers, and Design at Stanford University

In this talk, David Merrill gives us an overview of his research on a number of novel platforms for accessing and manipulating digital content. These systems use expressive gesture and visual attention as inputs, explore multi-user interaction, and leverage our understanding of physical materials. I will focus on my most ambitious project and Ph.D. topic, Siftables, a tangible interaction platform that gives physical embodiment to information and digital media items. The system utilizes sensing, graphical display, embedded computation and wireless communication to free interactions with digital content from the desktop environment. Siftables points the way toward a new generation of interactive tools that bend to our needs, rather than bending us to meet their limitations.

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Watch Jan Chipchase’s “Our mobile phones” talk at TED

Nokia researcher Jan Chipchase’s investigation into the ways we interact with technology has led him from the villages of Uganda to the insides of our pockets. He’s made some unexpected discoveries along the way […]

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Autodesk Announces Incheon, Korea as Second City of its Digital Cities Initiative

Autodesk today announced it is working with the Incheon Free Economic Zone (IFEZ) and the Incheon Urban Development Corporation (IUDC) to cooperate in the creation of Asia’s first Digital City for Incheon, Korea — the ‘Tomorrow City’ in Song-do City. Autodesk has designated Incheon as the second pilot city of its Digital City initiative, after […]