Design Strategy Talks & Workshops

“Helping Teams Paddle in the Same Direction” talk on Clubhouse

Is your team on the same page when it comes to design strategy? Is there a greater alignment with what your design team wants to achieve with the business it represents? In this presentation “Helping teams paddle in the same direction through Design Strategy”, I talked about some key questions you should ask your team to help you challenge the notion of being aligned on a proper design direction.

Innovation Readings

Listen to Michael Watkins’ “Picking the Right Transition Strategy” Interview

In this talk, Michael D. Watkins takes a closer look at the fundamental principles of leadership transitions and the organizational and personal challenges executives face in applying them […]


Watch Simon Sinek’s “If You Don’t Understand People, You Don’t Understand Business” talk

In this wide-ranging talk, ethnographer and leadership expert Simon Sinek discusses the importance of trust, authenticity, and meaning. Sinek argues that as individuals and companies, everything that we say and do is a symbol of who we are. And it is only when we communicate our beliefs authentically that we can attract others to our cause, and form the bonds that will empower us to achieve truly great things […]

Design Readings

Watch Josh Cothran’s “Personas made Personal” talk at Interaction’13 | IxDA Conference

This talk will provide an overview of the Meyers-Briggs, highlight research and thought leadership relating personality types to technology usage, examine controversies and limitations of the Meyers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) and share ways to use personality types to support and communicate design, including a brief case study […]

Design Readings

Register for UX Hong Kong 2014

UX Hong Kong 2014 on 6, 7 and 8 March 2014 is a place ( that brings both the Asian & Global communities together to learn about topics like leadership, culture, product design, bridging research into design, IXD and empathic design teams; My dear friends Dan Szuc and Jo Wong work very hard on putting this event together, and I’ve had to pleasure to attend the first two conferences

Design Innovation Readings

Watch John Maeda’s “How art, technology and design inform creative leaders” talk at TED

John Maeda, President of the Rhode Island School of Design, delivers a funny and charming talk that spans a lifetime of work in art, design and technology, concluding with a picture of creative leadership in the future. Watch for demos of Maeda’s earliest work — and even a computer made of people […]

Design Innovation

Watch Sunni Brown’s “Doodlers, unite!” talk at TED

Studies show that sketching and doodling improve our comprehension — and our creative thinking. So why do we still feel embarrassed when we’re caught doodling in a meeting? Sunni Brown says: Doodlers, unite! She makes the case for unlocking your brain via pad and pen […]

Design Innovation Inspiration

Listen to Ed Catmull’s “Pixar’s Collective Genius” talk, for Harvard Business Review

Pixar cofounder Ed Catmull exemplifies the greatest form of leadership: empowering others to achieve the extraordinary. People tend to think of creativity as a mysterious solo act, and they typically reduce products to a single idea: This is a movie about toys, or dinosaurs, or love, they’ll say. However, in filmmaking and many other kinds of complex product development, creativity involves a large number of people from different disciplines working effectively together to solve a great many problems. Ed Catmul is an unpretentious man. He doesn’t like to talk about how he performs his job as president of Pixar and (since a 2006 merger) Disney Animation Studios. But the article and accompanying podcast shed light on his exceptional leadership qualities […]

Design Information Technology Trend Watching

Listen to Jeff Dachis’ “User Experience as a Crucial Driver of Social Business Design” talk at IDEA 2009

Everything that can be digital will be. Why? Because it’s faster, better, and cheaper. UX in the digital world will be the key definer of value. UX design now means to embrace a whole new set of behaviors and characteristics. Social Business Design is a framework to understand and think about the multi-faceted users and the way they participates inside a business ecosystem in meaningful ways […]


Watch Itay Talgam’s “Lead like the great conductors” talk at TED

An orchestra conductor faces the ultimate leadership challenge: creating perfect harmony without saying a word. In this charming talk, Itay Talgam demonstrates the unique styles of six great 20th-century conductors, illustrating crucial lessons for all leaders […]