Watch “Architectures of Trust” with Adeola Enigbokan

Adeola Enigbokan discusses Architectures of Trust to helps us understand how trust can be established, and what happens when it cannot and trust breaks down

Information Technology Trend Watching

Information Technology in Brazil: app to reports urban problems is voted best in the world

Colab, a Brazilian application that helps report urban problems, was elected on world’s best by the New Cities Foundation at an event in Sao Paulo. Other finalists included traffic BuzzJourney (Israel) and PublicStuff (United States). These apps participated prize App My City, urban award for best application in the world (those of us trying to unlock the big cities). Colab received $ 5000 in cash […]

Information Technology Trend Watching

Information Technology in Brazil: public management collaboration app nominated for international award

A Brazillian startup took to the social networking approach to collect testimonies from residents about the precariousness of public facilities such as sidewalks and streets, in order to connect people to public management. The buzz generated around the site (which has already caught the attention of the city of Recife, hometown of the creators) led Colab to the final of the second edition of My City App, app award for best city in the world (those of us trying to unlock big cities) […]

Design Readings

Watch Aris Venetikidis’ “Making sense of maps” talk at TED

Map designer Aris Venetikidis is fascinated by the maps we draw in our minds as we move around a city — less like street maps, more like schematics or wiring diagrams, abstract images of relationships between places. How can we learn from these mental maps to make better real ones? As a test case, he remakes the notorious Dublin bus map

Design Economics Innovation Trend Watching

Watch Eduardo Paes’ “The 4 commandments of cities” talk at TED

Eduardo Paes is the mayor of Rio de Janeiro, a sprawling, complicated, beautiful city of 6.5 million. He shares four big ideas about leading Rio — and all cities — into the future, including bold (and do-able) infrastructure upgrades and how to make a city “smarter.” […]

China Economics Trend Watching

Architecture & Urban Planning in China: Building Desert Ghost City as Critics Warn of Bubble

Bloomberg’s Adam Johnson reports on the construction boom in Kangbashi, a city in China’s Inner Mongolia originally designed to accommodate around 1 million people that currently has about 30,000 residents […]

Design Economics Trend Watching

Watch James Howard Kunstler dissects suburbia at TED

In James Howard Kunstler’s view, public spaces should be inspired centers of civic life and the physical manifestation of the common good. Instead, he argues, what we have in America is a nation of places not worth caring about […]

China Innovation Trend Watching

Architecture & Urban Planning in China: Smart future showcased at Shanghai World Expo

With heavy coverage from newspapers and television, you may have become quite familiar with the theme of the Shanghai World Expo – “Better City, Better Life.”[…]

Design Information Technology

Listen to Mary Newsom’s “The information Superhighway: Urban Renewal or Neighborhood Destruction?” talk at IDEA 2009

As a long-time practitioner of daily newspaper journalism who sees the economic model of the newspaper industry sinking (and broadcast journalism isn’t in much better shape), Mary looks into what will happen to cities if/when the mass media splinter. With all of the “new media” journalism: the emerging trends of crowd-sourcing, blogging, YouTube, Twitter and the general explosion of information available to people, this makes virtually anyone, a potential journalist. What are the implications for information, and for the dependability of that information?


Living in China: Plenty of GPS potties, to keep Shanghai’s World Expo site clean

Next year’s Shanghai World Expo will feature more than 200 of the world’s most innovative pavilions filled with the most advanced technology and inspiring exhibits about modern urban life. But piles of rubbish, dirty surfaces and lack of potties would make a joke of the theme, “Better City, Better Life.” […]