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Internet in Brazil: In 38% of homes at least 1 person accesses the web on mobile phones

In more than a third of all households in Brazil (38.1%), at least one person accesses the internet via cell phone, says survey released recently by the Institute of Applied Economic Research (IPEA). The study also shows that 40.8% of households have internet access and that 68% of users claim to use the service daily.

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Internet in Brazil: São Paulo on top 10 most ‘instagrammed’ cities in 2013

The city of São Paulo was the fifth city in the world in 2013 with more pictures and videos posted on social media network application Instagram, according to a list of cities and popular places disclosed by the application on recently […]

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Chinglish: “Month Also Know Communications”?

I’m wondering what would I get if I walked in here and asked for a SIM card!

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Chinese People & their Mobile Phones: use of Mobile apps in the rise

Enterprises in China are expected to use more mobile applications to ride the growth in various mobile services and features as well the high speed of 3G networks because these represent the future […]

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Watch Jan Chipchase’s “Our mobile phones” talk at TED

Nokia researcher Jan Chipchase’s investigation into the ways we interact with technology has led him from the villages of Uganda to the insides of our pockets. He’s made some unexpected discoveries along the way […]

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Chinese People and Their Mobile Phones: China Telecom starts 3G trials

China Telecom, the country’s largest fixed-line operator, started trials of the third-generation (3G) mobile services in Shanghai recently, and plans to extend the same nationwide soon. Shanghai Telecom, China Telecom’s subsidiary, said it would invest 6 billion yuan (nearly 1 Billion US dollars) on various projects including the 2010 Shanghai Expo World, 3G-network construction, and enterprise services this year […]

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Chinese People and their Mobile Phones: China Telecom launches “mobile phones to the countryside” program

China Telecom has launched a nationwide “mobile phones to the countryside” program, the company announced recently.

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e-Commerce in China: dot-com economy grew over 60 percent year on year in the second quarter/2008

China’s dot-com economy grew nearly 63 percent year on year in the second quarter, despite increasing inflation and the effects of the Sichuan earthquake, a Shanghai-based research firm reported recently. Revenue generated by China’s online search, game and travel providers reached 13.32 billion yuan (US$1.94 billion) in the April-to-June period, iResearch said…

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Chinese People and Their Mobile Phones: Mobile phones fail to pick up sales

China’s mobile phone sales will be lower than expected after the May earthquake and a lack of state of the art applications depressed sales in the second quarter, a Beijing-based research firm said recently. CCID Consulting, a research group with the Chinese Ministry of Information Industry, cut its 2008 domestic handset sales forecast to 165 million units from 185 million units. ‘The handset market lacks innovations and the 3G market has only just started so many consumers have adopted a wait-and-see attitude,’ said Li Xuefang, a CCID analyst…

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Chinese People and Their Mobile Phones: 6 Telecoms to Merge Their Assets

China has told its six telecommunications companies to merge their assets, allowing fixed-line carriers to expand into wireless services and creating three operators that will offer phone and Internet connections to 1.3 billion people. Under the plan, the parent of China Telecom will buy a mobile phone network from the parent of China Unicom, which in turn will merge with the company that controls the China Netcom Group, the Ministry of Industry and Information said in a statement on Saturday. China will issue three third-generation wireless licenses after the overhaul is completed, it said…