Watch “Architectures of Trust” with Adeola Enigbokan

Adeola Enigbokan discusses Architectures of Trust to helps us understand how trust can be established, and what happens when it cannot and trust breaks down

Exploring how we can achieve trust in the moment of encounter with the unknown. What is the architecture of a trusting encounter?

More and more of our products, services, workplaces and public spaces are defined by encounters with the unknown. In her recent design research, issues of trust and hospitality to strangers are emerging as increasingly important for users of urban public spaces, as well as for online interactive infrastructures. 

From a start-up tech company in Melbourne trying to design an alternative way to verify users and access stored information, to the demands of a youth protest movement in the streets of Bogotá, she finding is that social infrastructures of trust are complex and changing around the world. Instead of simply thinking of ourselves as designing new technologies, services or spaces, we might better respond to the demands of our clients and publics by designing alternative protocols for establishing trust, especially regarding hospitality to the strange and the unknown. What are the steps in the process of designing and implementing a trust protocol?

In this talk at IxDA‘s Interaction’20, Adeola Enigbokan discusses Architectures of Trust by exploring several contemporary and historical examples of high-stakes spatial encounters with the unknown, to understand how trust can be established, and what happens when it cannot and trust breaks down. The examples draw on her experience as an environmental psychologist and spatial designer, in which she focuses on the ways in which people shape the spaces around them, and the way the spaces, in turn, shape people, though interaction. In the design of both urban and online spaces, she’s especially take into account changing notions of belonging, citizenship, labor and leisure. The research that informs this talk is based on working with groups, especially through community and public engagement, as well as observation of the daily functioning of organizations and institutions.

Architectures of Trust

About Adeola Enigbokan

Adeola Enigbokan is an environmental psychologist. Using public engagement, she re-imagines the relationships between citizens, consumers, institutions and corporations. 

She combines deep knowledge of human behavior and emotional intelligence, with a sense of how social and spatial systems work and how creative change happens.

Adeola consults on the design of urban housing, workspaces, public space and emerging technologies. Additionally, she has led education portfolios in Urban Sociology at the University of Amsterdam, and Architectural Design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. She holds a doctorate in Psychology from the City University of New York, and a BA in Anthropology from Columbia University.

She has lived and worked in Seattle, New York, Moscow and Amsterdam, cities that are culturally rich, diverse and forward-thinking. This experience, along with her work in research, design, urbanism and learning and development, opens her up to worlds of possibility in ways people can live and work together, across disciplines and across cultures. Her work has appeared internationally in diverse contexts, such as the Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam), Het Nieuwe Instituut (Rotterdam), Queens Museum (New York), Creative Time (New York), Storefront for Art and Architecture (New York), Multimedia Museum of Art (Moscow), Royal Geographical Society (London), Royal Institute for British Architects (London) and Beijing Normal University.

At its core, Adeola’s work is rooted in the love and labor of black, indigenous and migrating women: scholars, artists, workers and leaders who taught her how to create elegance and excellence by finding the joy in living a real, meaningful life.

Source: Interaction 20 – Architectures of Trust

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