Economics Trend Watching

Economy in Germany: employees cope with workplace stress better than most

A recent poll has revealed that German employees are coping with stress somewhat better than people from other industrialised nations.


100 Years of Bauhaus: The Effect

100 Years of Bauhaus: the famous German school still exerts influence on art, design and architecture around the globe […]

Economics Information Technology Trend Watching

Internet in Brazil: IDB report warns about digital divide

Infrastructure problems and lack of familiarity of the users make Brazil a country that goes ‘two-speed’ internet, according to data presented recently by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) […]

Consumer Behavior Trend Watching

Consumer Behavior in Brazil: First official Apple Store to open in Rio

The first official Apple store in Brazil will be inaugurated in Rio de Janeiro on 15th February, the company said on its website on Thursday (February 6). The Apple Store will be the Brazilian Village shopping mall, in the Barra da Tijuca neighborhood, and is also the first company store in South America […]

Economics Trend Watching

Economy in Brazil: the 5th most expensive Big Mac in the world

Brazil has the fifth most expensive Big Mac in the world, costing $ 5.25. The  McDonald’ snack is used as an index for the British magazine The Economist since 1986, to show the purchasing power of the currencies of the countries surveyed, according to the last calculation released recently. The Big Mac index suggests that […]

Design Readings

Watch Jonas Löwgren’s “Exploring, Sketching and other Designerly Ways of Working” Keynote on IxDA | Interaction ’12 Conference

Jonas Löwgren is a professor of interaction design and co-founder of the School of Arts and Communication at Malmö University in Sweden. He specializes in cross-media products, interactive visualization and the design theory of the digital materials […]

Consumer Behavior Economics Trend Watching

Internet in Brazil: Half of the population is included in the digital world, says survey

More than half of the population is included in the digital world, according to a survey of the Getulio Vargas Foundation, which puts Brazil near the world average […]

Consumer Behavior Economics Information Technology Trend Watching

Internet in Brazil: 33% of Brazilians have Internet access at home

Brazil is currently ranked 63rd in the world ranking of 154 countries. In Sweden, 97% of households have Internet access […]

China Economics Information Technology Trend Watching

Watch Hans Rosling’s “Let my dataset change your mindset” talk at TED

Talking at the US State Department this summer, Hans Rosling uses his fascinating data-bubble software to burst myths about the developing world. Look for new analysis on China and the post-bailout world, mixed with classic data shows […]

Design Innovation Software

Watch Camille Moussette’s “Sketching Multimodal and Haptic Interfaces” talk at IxDA | Interaction ’09 Conference

In this presentation, Camille Moussette explores the opportunities and challenges related to developing new multimodal interfaces specifically based on the touch sense. It will present various methods, techniques, tools and processes that interaction designers can use to assess, sketch, create and evaluate dynamic haptic and multimodal interfaces […]