For Inspiration: “Tudo Tanto” by Tulipa Ruiz

After the success of her debut album “Efêmera“, Tulipa’s tour is dedicated to “Everything Both”. Selected by the National Edict Musical Natura project, the album “Everything Any” features 11 unreleased songs, all composed by Tulip. In this unprecedented record, you can see Tulip and band playing “Ok”. Tudo Tanto, by Tulipa Ruiz

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IxDA’s 2014 Interaction Awards Shortlist announced

The Interaction Design Association (IxDA) has just announced the shortlist of entries for the 2014 Interaction Awards. Out of the 350 projects submitted from around the world, 91 projects from 18 countries have been elevated for consideration […]

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Watch Joshua Walters’ “On being just crazy enough” talk at TED

At TEDs Full Spectrum Auditions, comedian Joshua Walters, whos bipolar, walks the line between mental illness and mental “skillness.” In this funny, thought-provoking talk, he asks: Whats the right balance between medicating craziness away and riding the manic edge of creativity and drive?

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Watch “Mr. McCluskey’s Method” Autodesk Film Preview

In this short viral film that parodies Dead Poet’s Society and other films, join the students at Huntley Boarding School as they meet their new teacher, Mr. McCluskey, and enjoy his unorthodox teaching methods while delivering important Autodesk messages […]

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Visual Communication in China: “A Single Act of Carelessness Leads to the Eternal Loss of Beauty”

So poetic, don’t you think?

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Shanghai World Expo: CHINA PAVILION

The Chinese national pavilion is the largest of its kind at the Expo and most expensive, costing an estimated US$220 million. The 63-meter high pavilion, the tallest structure at the Expo, is called “The Crown of the East,” as it is meant to resemble an ancient Chinese crown with its distinctive roof, made of traditional dougong or brackets, which date back more than 2,000 years […]


Rives’s “3-minute story of mixed emoticons” at TED

Rives — star of the Bravo special Ironic Iconic America — tells a typographical fairy tale that’s short and bittersweet. Flat pages can’t contain Rives’ storytelling, even when paper is his medium. The pop-up books he creates for children unfold with surprise: The Christmas Pop-Up Present expands to reveal moving parts, hidden areas and miniature booklets inside. On stage, his poems burst in many directions, too, exposing multiple layers and unexpected treats: childhood memories, grown-up humor, notions of love and lust, of what is lost forever and of what’s still out there waiting to unfold.

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Chinese Calligraphy: Master Yue Le

In previous post in which I discussed chinese calligraphy, I talked a little bit about chinese calligraphy’s history, and my impressions of its influence in contemporary chinese design. Since a lot of people have been asking me for more on the topic, I’ve decided to post on YouTube some videos of a trip my wife, a couple of friends and I did to Zhu Jia Jiao, one of the many river towns just outside Shanghai. In Zhu Jia Jiao, we’ve met Master Yue Le, a local artist that makes his living on creating banners/posters for tourist that visit that town: with our little domain of Mandarin, we’ve asked him to create some banners to represent something he would consider typical […]