Watch “20 Years of Product Management in 25 Minutes” with Dave Wascha

In this entertaining talk at Mind the Product, Dave Wascha distills 20 Years of Product Management in 25 Minutes, and then think about your own lessons and what you think is key to great product management.

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Watch “Flying Cars, UX Research, Attitude, and Behavior” Talk by Tomer Sharon

This class defines what UX research is and how it can help startup founders, and reviews a key concept that makes or breaks any UX research study – the relationship between users’ attitude and behavior […]

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Reflecting on The Best Ways to Prioritize Products and Features on UX Matter

This month I took part on the UXMatter “Ask the Experts” panel, and helped answer questions regarding The Best Ways to Prioritize Products and Features […]

Talks & Workshops User Experience

User Research and Scenarios

Students will learn about the importance of developing a clear understanding of the characteristics of an interaction design product through user research […]

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Watch Joshua Seiden’s “Replacing Requirements with Hypotheses” talk at Agile Experience Meetup

Slides from a talk by Josh Seiden and John Halloran at the Agile Experience Meetup in NYC, OCt 17, 2011. This is a first version of the talk that presents high-level concepts and UX strategy work for replacing requirements with hypotheses […]

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Study: 68 percent of IT projects fail, user centered methodologies to save the day

According to new research, success in 68% of technology projects is “improbable.” Poor requirements analysis causes many of these failures, meaning projects are doomed right from the start […]

China Consumer Behavior

Gaming in China: 55.5 million Chinese play online games

China’s online game market has expanded noticeably. To date the number of online gamers in China has reached 55.5 million, a recent report said. Statistics show that, of the total number of online gamers, those under the age of 22 accounted for 52.5 percent, gamers with education backgrounds of junior college level and below made up 77.1 percent, those with no income accounted for 30 percent. Gamers in the group with an income are mainly concentrated at the income level of 1,001 to 2,000 yuan […]


Autodesk Student Engineering and Design Community is Redesigned and Reaches Record Number of Members

Just in time for the Back to School season, Autodesk has redesigned its Student Engineering and Design Community website with a new look and feel that is more closely aligned with other popular social networking sites frequented by students. The enhanced Student Community offers several new features and benefits to more than 350,000 students and educators…