Consumer Behavior Trend Watching

Consumer Behavior in Brazil: Cable TV reaches 50 million Brazilians

According to the study, 15.1 million households had Cable TV service in the period… were 319,500 new homes with cable TV in August/2012 […]

China Information Technology Trend Watching

Chinese People and Their Mobile Phones: junk text message nearly doubles in 2007

About 353.8 billion junk text messages were sent in China in 2007, 92.7 percent year-on-year, the anti-spam committee of the Internet Society of China said recently. Illegal and fraudulent messages accounted for 49.7 percent, while ads made up 45.48 percent. Group spam companies accounted for 36.67 percent of the total, service provider firms made up 32.18 percent and net operators 20.75 percent. At the end of 2007, China’s cell-phone users topped 500 million.

China Consumer Behavior Economics Trend Watching

Finance industry employees in China top salary rankings

Employees in the financial sector earned much more than workers in other industries last year thanks to the lucrative financial market, an annual salary report has revealed. The report, released by leading human-resources service provider in Shanghai, was based on a survey of more than 1,000 companies across all sectors throughout the country last year. It found workers in the financial industry were paid an average salary of 4,987 yuan (US$694) per month. The figure is about 40 percent higher than the national average […]

China Economics Information Technology Trend Watching

Chinese People and Their Mobile Phones: sending 17 billion text messages during Spring Festival

Chinese mobile phone operators will benefit from the country’s tradition of exchanging greetings during Lunar New Year as more than 17 billion text messages are expected to be sent during the holiday season, a possible new record, according to the Ministry of Information Industry. The ministry attributed the drastic rise to rapid expansion of mobile phone users which totaled 547 million by the end of 2007, about 41.6 percent of the total population […]