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Chinese People and Their Mobile Phones: Smartphones making rapid headway in cities

About 35 percent of urban Chinese use smartphones, the third-highest level in the world, a survey has found […]

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Education in China: Ghostwriting hits frightening levels at universities

Many university students under pressure are turning to the Internet for help – not for research, but to find someone to write their reports for them […]

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China, Socialism & Consumer Behavior: Rich getting richer, but poor becoming resentful

Amid a widening wealth gap between rich and poor, a new survey has found that 96 percent of the public said they feel resentful toward the rich […]

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China, Socialism & Consumer Behavior: More rich by 2015

The global economic recession is forcing the rich in China to scale down their spending on luxury goods, but it cannot hold back the rapid growth of wealthy households, according to a report released recently by global management consultancy McKinsey & Company. China is expected to be the world’s fourth largest country with wealthy households by 2015, after the US, Japan and the UK. The nation is expected to have more than 4 million wealthy households by then, the report said […]

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Architecture & Urban Planning in China: 4 billion US dollars invested in transportation

China’s National Development and Reform Commission stated that out of the 100 billion yuan (over 15 billion US dollars) of newly-added central government investment, 28 billion yuan (4 billion US dollars) has been designated for the construction of major transportation infrastructure, just less than the amount of investment for people’s livelihoods…

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Autodesk Supports China’s Digital Design Education

In cooperation with China’s Ministry of Education, Autodesk has launched China Student Design Community to provide free digital design tools to Chinese students, in order to support of China’s digital design innovation and engineering education. Previously, the company has made investments in China’s education field, including the establishment of joint labs in five Chinese universities of Tsinghua University, Tongji University, Harbin Institute of Technology, South China University of Technology and Shanghai Jiaotong University. The company has also sponsored China’s Development and Design program through which it has reached partnership with Beijing Software and Information Service Promotion Center, providing software and development tools to Chinese designers…

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Intellectual Property: China to strengthen IPR protection

Chinese government will work to strengthen intellectual property rights (IPR) protection, China’s Vice Premier Wu Yi said on a national conference for directors of intellectual property offices recently. China has made progress in the past 30 years in IPR protection, represented by the growing number and quality of IPRs which have been widely and effectively applied to practical production, Wu said…

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Autodesk featured in the Top 50 World’s Most Innovative Companies

Autodesk has been recently featured in Fast Company‘s ranking of the world’s most innovative companies. From visionary upstarts to storied stalwarts, the list highlights companies that dazzle with new ideas — and prove beyond a doubt how business is a force for change: Since 1982, designers, engineers, and architects have made Autodesk‘s 2-D AutoCAD drafting programs the default choice for creating anything from buildings to sailboards. Now Autodesk is targeting the latest growth area in product design: 3-D virtual prototyping that eliminates the need for building physical models.

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Finance industry employees in China top salary rankings

Employees in the financial sector earned much more than workers in other industries last year thanks to the lucrative financial market, an annual salary report has revealed. The report, released by leading human-resources service provider in Shanghai, was based on a survey of more than 1,000 companies across all sectors throughout the country last year. It found workers in the financial industry were paid an average salary of 4,987 yuan (US$694) per month. The figure is about 40 percent higher than the national average […]

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China, Technology, Innovation and the Environment: Part II

An energy structure with a low utilization rate, and an economic growth mode with serious, hazardous emissions have posed stark challenges for the sustained growth of Chinese economic society. Faced with such a grave situation in energy saving and emission reduction, more than 6,000 science, technology workers, as well as scientist-turned-entrepreneurs on met recently to discuss issues such as energy saving and environmental protection. Among them were more than 100 members from Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), the highest palaces for scientific research achievements and engineering progress […]