Living in China: Hong Kong employees work 48.8 hours per week

Hong Kong full-time employees work an average of 48.8 hours every week, 22 percent more than the work time recommended by the International Labor Organization (ILO) , a survey released recently has found. The survey, commissioned by non-profit organization Community Business by random phone interviews in July/2008 with 1,011 full-time employees, also found that one third of the respondents said they would consider leaving their current job for a better work-life balance.

China Information Technology

Internet in China: Shanghai to establish the first citywide wireless broadband network in mainland China

Shanghai will have established a citywide wireless broadband network by 2010: Shanghai’s Municipal Informatization Commission and China Telecom Shanghai revealed that wireless demonstration areas will be ready for use in 2008. A number of regions are currently competing to become exhibition areas and obtain future construction projects. At present, people can access a wireless network in Jiading District in the north of Shanghai. Wireless will probably be available in most areas in the city’s central Huangpu District, where the municipal government buildings are located, by the end of the year, said Hua Ruiqiang, Shanghai Telecom’s senior manager […]