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Internet in Brazil: 70% of population is connected

According to ICT Households survey, 126.9 million people used the Internet in Brazil regularly in 2018. Half of the rural population and classes D and E now have access to the internet.

The number of users who use the Internet in Brazil continues to grow: it has risen from 67% to 70% of the population, which is equivalent to 126.9 million people.

This data is part of the new edition of the Household ICT survey, released on recently, which gives data on internet connection in homes in the country. The survey, conducted annually by the Regional Center for Studies for the Development of the Information Society (Cetic), is one of the leading in the country.

Internet in Brazil: Highlights

  • In urban regions , the connection is slightly higher than average: 74% of the population is connected to the internet;
  • For the first time, half of Brazil’s rural area is connected – 49% of the population said they had access to the network in 2018, up from 44% in 2017;
  • Also for the first time, half of Brazil’s poorest layer is officially on the Internet: 48% of the population in classes D and E, up from 42% in 2017;
  • There are 46.5 million households with internet access , 67% of the total;
  • Among internet users, 48% purchased or used some kind of online service such as car apps, movie and music streaming services, or food ordering.

According to Winston Oyadomari, research coordinator at Cetic, Brazil has an important growth in these indicators. “Developed countries in North America and Europe have 80% more Internet use. Eastern European and Arab developing countries are around 50% to 60%. That puts Brazil in an intermediate position.”

According Oyadomari, there is still plenty of room for access to grow in the country – in major centers and also in the rural region. Brazil still lags behind, in terms of its connected population, from other South American countries, such as Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. ”

Source: Uso da internet no Brasil cresce, e 70% da população está conectada | Tecnologia | G1

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