Project Collaboration & Tracking App

I’ve created Paper Prototypes to communicate design goals and interaction flows of the “Project Collaboration & Tracking” App for Autodesk (which was the basis for Communicator for Revit) to different stakeholders and different purposes:

  • To be used by Senior Developers to further clarify Use Case Documents;
  • To be used by Quality Assurance Engineers for high level test planning;
  • To be used by User Researchers for planning Concept Validation studies.

Autodesk Project Collaboration & Tracking App was an exploration of how we could support better project collaboration by tracking the record of activities of every person working on the same project, based on my research during the MA Design Practice at Northumbria University when I was investigating  Creating Innovative Design Software Solutions within Collaborative or Distributed Design Environments.

Since this app was supposed to connect people already using Autodesk tools, it should allow customers to reach out to people in the shortest “social distance” to their current project status and/or tool.

Click on the images below for enlargements:

This concept later became Communicator Revit, which is a live chat panel that works with BIM 360 Team single sign-on to provide contextual communication and collaboration tools for teams working on building and construction project.

Learn more (from Autodesk Knowledge Network) at
About Communicator for Revit or watch the video below:

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