New UI Framework for Roamworks

I’ve created Design Specification Documents to help communicate design intent and detailed interaction patterns and UI controls of the New UI Framework for Roamworks to different purposes:

  • To be used by Software Developers for pixel-perfect implementation;
  • To be used by Quality Assurance Engineers for blackbox testing;
  • To be used by User Researchers during summative usability testing with customers.

Add Maintenance Job

Creating a Route from the Alarms List

In combination with the Map Widget Routing Functionality, we should accelerate the Route creation by allowing users to create routes from a list of positions based on their corresponding alarms. (Click on the screenshots to enlarge)

Main Menu of the New UI Framework for Roamworks

Display of all system-wide functionality: although it is configurable per application, functions are available based on current selection and/or user access rights and should be grayed out if they aren’t (Click on the screenshots to enlarge)


Using information Design techniques, I’ve synthesized data that was traditionally presented in the form of grids into graphs that not only look more appealing, but also help Fleet Managers make decisions regarding the operation of their fleet (click on the images below to enlarge).

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