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Autodesk “Fake of Foto” challenge

Today we’re presented with images in movies, on TV, and in the press that are of such good quality we don’t even think to consider whether the picture is of something that exists in reality or if it was generated by computer software.


Media in China: Chinese film and TV program exports break 300 million US dollars mark

In 2007, China’s total export volume of film and TV programs broke 2.1 billion yuan mark (nearly 310 million US dollars), according to the information from the 2008 China International Film and TV Programs Exhibition held in Beijing recently. However, industry insiders also point out that the quantity of Chinese film and TV programs truly entering international markets is still limited. Zheng Xize, the international affairs director of South-Korea EBS, said ‘only by producing interesting programs for audiences and adopting advanced marketing means can cultural products be exported and truly enter the international market.’ […]