Information Technology Trend Watching

Internet in Brazil: The number of cities that offer Wi-Fi reaches 26%

Of the 5,570 Brazilian municipalities, 1,457 provided wi-fi through public networks in 2014. Despite the leap from 2012, the cities that provide this type of access still account for only 26.2% of the total.

Design Innovation Trend Watching

Watch Thom Mayne’s “Architecture as Connection” talk at TED

Architect Thom Mayne has never been one to take the easy option, and this whistle-stop tour of the buildings he’s created makes you glad for it. These are big ideas cast in material form […]

China Consumer Behavior Economics Trend Watching

China, Socialism & Consumer Behavior: Chinese premier stresses expansion of domestic consumption

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao stressed the importance of promoting domestic consumption and independent research and development during a three-day inspection tour of the central Hunan Province, which ended recently […]

Design Information Technology Software

Autodesk helps government agencies better utilize Geospatial information

Autodesk leading technologists talk to Directions Magazine about how government agencies can better utilize geospatial information. Geoff Zeiss, director of technology, David Kingsbury, Sr. Industry Manager for State and Local Government, and Pete Southwood, Geospatial Technical Evangelist conduct a round table discussion of Autodesk’s Feature Data Object, or FDO, an open source solution that is embedded in many of the company’s industry solutions […]