Consumer Behavior Economics Trend Watching

Advertising in Brazil: Domestic Market revenue reaches U.S. $ 20 billion and grows 6.81% in 2013

The revenue of the advertising market in Brazil rose 6.81% last year and reached R$ 47.9 billion (over 20 billion US dollars), according to the Inter-Media Project, report media investment coordinated by Grupo Meio & Mensagem in partnership with PricewaterhouseCoopers […]

Design Readings

Watch Antonio De Pasquale’s “Design in Motion” talk at Interaction’14 | IxDA Conference

Animation can explain behaviours better than thousand of words that’s why interaction designer should learn from motion designer […]

Design Readings

Watch Aris Venetikidis’ “Making sense of maps” talk at TED

Map designer Aris Venetikidis is fascinated by the maps we draw in our minds as we move around a city — less like street maps, more like schematics or wiring diagrams, abstract images of relationships between places. How can we learn from these mental maps to make better real ones? As a test case, he remakes the notorious Dublin bus map


Watch Amory Lovins’ “A 50-year plan for energy” talk at TED

In this intimate talk filmed at TED’s offices, energy theorist Amory Lovins lays out the steps we must take to end the world’s dependence on oil (before we run out). Some changes are already happening — like lighter-weight cars and smarter trucks — but some require a bigger vision […]

China Consumer Behavior Economics Trend Watching

Advertising in China: Ad Spend Soars 15% to $47.4 Billion

China’s economy maintained its fast pace of growth as GDP soared by 11.2% during the first half of 2010 to an estimated RMB 17.28 trillion ($2.6 trillion), according to Nielsen Company […]

China Innovation Trend Watching

Architecture & Urban Planning in China: Smart future showcased at Shanghai World Expo

With heavy coverage from newspapers and television, you may have become quite familiar with the theme of the Shanghai World Expo – “Better City, Better Life.”[…]

China Design

Design in China: “Chinese Graphic Design in the 20th Century” exhibition at China Central Academy of Fine Arts

Chinese Graphic Design in the 20th Century showcases design objects such as Chinese posters, magazines and newspapers from the 20th century, and other graphic design-related objects, individual profiles and relevant documents […]

Design Information Technology

Listen to Mary Newsom’s “The information Superhighway: Urban Renewal or Neighborhood Destruction?” talk at IDEA 2009

As a long-time practitioner of daily newspaper journalism who sees the economic model of the newspaper industry sinking (and broadcast journalism isn’t in much better shape), Mary looks into what will happen to cities if/when the mass media splinter. With all of the “new media” journalism: the emerging trends of crowd-sourcing, blogging, YouTube, Twitter and the general explosion of information available to people, this makes virtually anyone, a potential journalist. What are the implications for information, and for the dependability of that information?

Consumer Behavior Design

Watch Jacek Utko’s “Can design save the newspaper?” talk at TED

Jacek Utko is an extraordinary Polish newspaper designer whose redesigns for papers in Eastern Europe not only win awards, but increase circulation by up to 100%. Can good design save the newspaper? It just might […]


Chinese People and Their Mobile Phones: Over 117 Million Mobile Internet Users in China

China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) recently released two reports on China’s mobile Internet, according to the reports, by the end of 2008, there were already over 640 million mobile phone users in China, and the number of users who access the Internet via mobile phone already exceeded 117.6 million, according to the Research Report on Behavior of Internet Access via Mobile Phone released by the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) on February 18 in Beijing…