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Watch “A Rare Look at Pixar Studios” video at NYTimes

Melena Ryzik gets a rare behind-the-scenes look at the Pixar Studios complex in California.

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Watch “3-D Printing Is Spurring a Manufacturing Revolution” video from

A wealth of design software programs, from free applications to the more sophisticated offerings of companies including Alibre and Autodesk, allows a person to concoct a product at home, then send the design to a company like Shapeways, which will print it and mail it back […]

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Watch Joshua Prince-Ramus’ “Building a theater that remakes itself” talk at TED

Joshua Prince-Ramus believes that if architects re-engineer their design process, the results can be spectacular. Speaking at TEDxSMU, Dallas, he walks us through his fantastic re-creation of the local Wyly Theater as a giant “theatrical machine” that reconfigures itself at the touch of a button […]

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Information Technology in China: Internet security experts say China has legions of hackers

A young Chinese hacker talks to a New York Times reporter about his world of trolling for information that may one day be worth money […]

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e-Commerce in China: Online Market Flourishes

The New York Times has just published an article on Taobao fever […]

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Watch Kevin Kelly’s “How technology evolves” talk at TED

Technologist Kevin Kelly asks “What does technology want?” and discovers that its movement toward ubiquity and complexity is much like the evolution of life […]