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Information Technology in Brazil: New Plan to Boost Innovation

Technological innovation is the foundation of a new industrial policy that the Brazilian government will deploy to improve the country’s competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets. The program will provide a variety of financial incentives for Brazilian innovators in IT as well as other industry sectors between now and 2014 […]

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Design in China: animation gaining “real” art status

Animated films, television cartoons and graphic novels have come a long way to being accepted as art forms in China […]

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Internet in China: super-fast connections in Shanghai by 2009

Internet 50 or 100 times faster than current speeds will be available in Shanghai in 2009 and cover 10 million families nationwide by 2010, government officials said recently. The technology, called 3TNET, will be available in the Yangtze River Delta region soon. Previously, thousands of families tested it in Shanghai’s Changning District and Pudong New Area, said the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology and the local government […]

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Living in China: cancer death rate rises 80 percent in 30 years

Caijing Magazine shares some startling statistics on cancer in China, where smoking, poor diet, water pollution and environmental problems have caused the nation’s cancer death rate to rise 80 percent in the past 30 years. The statistics come from an exhaustive survey conducted by the Chinese Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Science and Technology. According to the survey, cancer is now accountable for 25 percent of all urban deaths and 21 percent of all rural deaths […]

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China, Technology, Innovation and the Environment: Part II

An energy structure with a low utilization rate, and an economic growth mode with serious, hazardous emissions have posed stark challenges for the sustained growth of Chinese economic society. Faced with such a grave situation in energy saving and emission reduction, more than 6,000 science, technology workers, as well as scientist-turned-entrepreneurs on met recently to discuss issues such as energy saving and environmental protection. Among them were more than 100 members from Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), the highest palaces for scientific research achievements and engineering progress […]