Watch Jon Kolko’s “Stories: The way to our heart, and the key to design strategy” talk

In this talk at IxDA’s Interaction’19, Jon Kolko will show you why, when, and how to create stories that set design strategy. You’ll see examples of both successes and failures, learn where these narratives are contextually most relevant and useful, identify the key components that make these stories successful, and gain the ability to form and present a vision of the future to drive product and service strategy.

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Designing Interactions / Experiences: Discovery “Mode”

Discovery Mode the second lecture of the Designing Interactions / Experiences module I’m teaching at Köln International School of Design, in which we discuss the preparation necessary to conduct user research and the basics of conducting Contextual Inquiry Studies; […]

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Watch Jon Kolko’s “My Heart is in The Work” keynote at IxDA | Interaction ‘10 Conference

In 1900, Andrew Carnegie quietly declared that his “heart is in the work” – that he had found an endeavor worth pursuing, and that he would passionately follow-through on that endeavor until it was complete. This talk examines our ability to affect change at the intersection of experience, behavior, meaning, and culture, and will emphasize our responsibility to approach our work with philanthropic enthusiasm that would make Carnegie proud […]