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Chinese People and their Mobile Phones: Online Surfing

Simple SMS-based services might lose their appeal in China soon, since cell phones equipped with applications such as web browser, global positioning system and multimedia function are getting popular among Chinese consumers: a survey released recently by the CCID Consulting showed that 31,668 people had been interviewed and 37 percent of them would like to choose cell phones with which they can surf online when they intended to buy a new one, while 33 percent hoped they could get one with the GPS function, a helpful tool to China’s increasing car owners […]

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Shanghai the 8th most expensive Asian city for expats

The cost of living in Shanghai is catching up with more expensive locations in the region such as Hong Kong and Taipei, according to the latest global cost of living survey. The ECA cost of living survey listed Shanghai in 100th place among the top 300-plus most expensive cities in the world, up 23 spots from last year. Shanghai was also one position higher than Singapore among Asian cities, which ranked at 122nd place globally, according to the report.

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China Web 2.0 Market Reached US$62.8 million

China’s Internet industry continues to be in a state of rapid development. In 2006, the number of Chinese Internet users exceeded 150 million, with 50% of these users between the ages of 18 and 35. China’s Internet market is also transitioning from a narrowband to a broadband market with over 30 million of the 57 million total connected users having broadband access. As an emerging service market, China’s Web 2.0 has shown great development potential and in 2006 the market size reached US$62.8 million. According to IDC’s forecasts, Chinese Web 2.0 market is predicated to reach US$645.8 million by 2011.

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e-Commerce in China: numbers and trends

China could become the world’s biggest online market within two years: the number of Chinese netizens has surpassed 123 million and number of people with access to broadband connection rose by 45.3 percent during the first half of the year to 77 million. Studies show that a typical Chinese consumer spends an average of 17.9 hours per month (36 min./day) engaged in popular online activities such as chatting, blogging, gaming, and shopping […]

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Internet in China: Online Gaming & “Gold Farming”

According to the China Internet Network Information Center, the population of Internet users in China by last June is over 123 million — 63% of those people have broadband access. More that 20 million chinese play online games, and the e-commerce revenue have grown 50% in relation to last year numbers. Estimates of the revenue of the online gaming industry points to a total of 1.3 billion dollars by 2009, an annual growth of 35%, according to IDC. Such growth ended pushing the numbers of other sectors up: online games brought 17.3 billion Yuan (2.14 billion dollars) to industry, 7.1 billion Yuan (887.5 million dollars) to the industry, and 30 million Yuan (3.7 million dollars) to the industry […]