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[EVENT] IxDA Shanghai presents “Four Mobile Machines” with Aaron Marcus: SEPTEMBER 5TH, 2012, 7:30PM

Mr. Marcus reviews briskly four projects that are conceptual designs for new kinds of mobile applications (smartphone and tablet with associated Web portals) that combine the theories of information design and persuasion design to change people’s behavior […]

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Watch Mark Baskinger’s “Drawing Ideas and Communicating Interaction” talk at Johnny Holland

Last year at IxDA’s Interaction 09, Johnny Holland interviewed Mark Baskinger, associate professor at the School of Design of the Carnegie Mellon University.Mark talks about drawing ideas and shares his thoughts about the differences between industrial designers and interaction designers and how interaction designers can use sketching to communicate their designs better […]


Watch Randy Pausch’s “Really achieving your childhood dreams” talk at TED

In 2007, Carnegie Mellon professor Randy Pausch, who was dying of pancreatic cancer, delivered a one-of-a-kind last lecture that made the world stop and pay attention. This moving talk will teach you how to really achieve your childhood dreams. Unmissable […]

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[EVENT] IxDA Shanghai presents “Metaphor Brainstorming” Workshop with Chauncey Wilson: JANUARY 21ST, 2010, 6:30PM

Metaphor brainstorming is most useful during the early stages of design for developing conceptual models, generating requirements, and early user interface design where you are specifying the relationship between features and specific user interface metaphors. In this workshop, Chauncey Wilson will:

1. Describe the metaphor brainstorming process;
2. Explain how take the output and convert that into requirements and design concepts;

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[EVENT] IxDA Shanghai presents “Selling UX in Organizations” with Daniel Szuc: DECEMBER 11th, 2009, 6:30PM

At some point in your career, you’ll be called upon to sell UX to someone in your organization. You’ve probably already done it. Perhaps you’ll need to justify what you do in an organization or industry that’s just beginning to adopt UX methods or sell UX to secure your position within an organization or get future projects. So, what do you need to know to help you sell UX? What challenges might you face?

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Listen to Luke Wroblewski’s “Impact of Social Models” talk at IDEA 2009

As Richard Farson’s truism “no one smokes in church no matter how addicted” points out, context informs almost everything that happens in an environment. Online social experiences are no exception. How a product’s social model is set up can impact not only who contributes, but how much, and why. From permission-based subscriptions to one-click follows, Luke will discuss the attributes and implications of several popular social models by looking at data and behavior in the Web’s most popular social applications […]

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Listen to Fred Beecher’s “Integrating Effective Prototyping into Your Design Process” talk at IA Summit 2009

Senior User Experience Consultant Fred Beecher shows his audience how to determine what, for your particular situation, is the most effective way to use prototyping to improve the user experience of your site or software […]

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Watch David Merrill’s “Natural Interactions with Digital Content” Seminar on People, Computers, and Design at Stanford University

In this talk, David Merrill gives us an overview of his research on a number of novel platforms for accessing and manipulating digital content. These systems use expressive gesture and visual attention as inputs, explore multi-user interaction, and leverage our understanding of physical materials. I will focus on my most ambitious project and Ph.D. topic, Siftables, a tangible interaction platform that gives physical embodiment to information and digital media items. The system utilizes sensing, graphical display, embedded computation and wireless communication to free interactions with digital content from the desktop environment. Siftables points the way toward a new generation of interactive tools that bend to our needs, rather than bending us to meet their limitations.

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Watch Johnny Lee’s “Wii Remote hacks” demos at TED

Building sophisticated educational tools out of cheap parts, Johnny Lee demos his cool Wii Remote hacks, which turn the $40 video game controller into a digital whiteboard, a touchscreen and a head-mounted 3-D viewer […]

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Watch Ted Selker’s “Context Aware Computing” Seminar on People, Computers, and Design at Stanford University

Humans work to understand and react to each others intentions. The context aware computing group at the MIT Media lab has demonstrated that across most aspects of our life, computers can do this too. The groups demonstrations range from car to office kitchen to and even bed. The goal is to show that human intentions can be recognized considered and responded to appropriately by computer systems. This talk demonstrates that Artificial intelligence can competently Improve human-computer interaction with systems and even each other in a myriad of natural scenarios […]