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Next generation of tablets to feature tactile touch-back technology

When you touch the screen on an iPad or a smartphone, they all feel the same — like glass. The next generation of screen is going tactile […]

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Watch Bill Verplank’s Opening Keynote on IxDA | Interaction ‘11 Conference

Bill Verplank is a human-factors engineer with a long career in design, research and education. As a fresh ME PhD from MIT he worked eight years at Xerox on the testing and refinement of what we now call the “desktop metaphor”: bit-map graphics, keyboard and mouse, direct manipulation […]

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Watch Camille Moussette’s “Sketching Multimodal and Haptic Interfaces” talk at IxDA | Interaction ’09 Conference

In this presentation, Camille Moussette explores the opportunities and challenges related to developing new multimodal interfaces specifically based on the touch sense. It will present various methods, techniques, tools and processes that interaction designers can use to assess, sketch, create and evaluate dynamic haptic and multimodal interfaces […]