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Watch “Look, Listen, and Maybe Speak” at UX Poland

In this talk we will see examples of how empathy and awareness about cultural differences can help us communicate better at work and with friends and family.

Design Inspiration Readings

Nancy Duarte on Failure, Bootstrapping, and the Power of Better Presentations

Most believe great presenters are born and not made. Nancy Duarte would argue against this. After all, she received a C- in Speech Communication class in college. Since then she’s gone on to become a world-renowned author and expert on the art and science of delivering compelling presentations […]

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The Sign Painter

A short film by Dresscode on Mike Langley, sign painter, for Vassilaros & Sons Coffee Co […]

Information Design Talks & Workshops

Information Design: Crossing Borders

This is the presentation I’ve recently done at the Creative Drive In event in Heerlem, The Netherlands. In this presentation we discuss: What is information Design? We also cover some Information Design “Bloopers”, and finally talk about Structure, Context and Presentation of Data and Information helps create clear communication.