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China, Socialism & Consumer Behavior: China to cut tax on luxury goods

China, already the world’s second-largest luxury goods market, will soon slash import duties on “opulent items” to encourage wealthy local shoppers to buy more pricey cosmetics, watches and liquor […]

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Architecture & Urban Planning in China: private fund investment to support urban development

China’s urban development looks to get further support from the private sector. An Chinese Government official from the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), the country’s top economic planning agency, says the government encourages the use of private capital in developing China’s urban areas […]


Living in China: students begin tuition free school

Families across the China have begun sending their children to school tuition-free for the nine-year compulsory education. About 28.21 million urban students in primary schools and junior high schools joined rural students at the start of the fall semester yesterday in benefiting from the plan, according to the Chinese Ministry of Education. The students still must pay for textbooks and uniforms […]

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Wenchuan Earthquake: China races against time as death toll nears 10,000

Rescuers are racing against time to reach survivors a day after the strongest quake that hit China in more than three decades jolted the southwestern province of Sichuan. The country was immersed in immense grief as the death toll rose to nearly 10,000. China’s English-language newspaper China Daily silhouetted the front page in black to mourn the victims. The headline reads: ‘The Day the Earth Moved.’ Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, who flew to Sichuan Monday evening, urged ‘calm, confidence and courage‘ in face of the catastrophe. Wenchuan County, the epicenter of the earthquake at western Sichuan province, has reported 57 confirmed deaths, and about 60,000 locals were still out of reach…